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Serving in the Coast Guard often requires our members to relocate so that they can best meet mission needs and are prepared with diverse experiences. Understanding which resources are available to you before, during and after this process is essential, and the prevalent ones are provided here. If you identify resources that are not reflected, please email the My CoastGuard team at

Latest Relocation News

PCSing in the time of COVID-19: Four families share their stories
July 8, 2020

In an effort to support others, four families share their PCS stories and what they’ve learned along the way.

Relocation Resources

Spouse License and Certification Reimbursement
If a PCS impacts your professional certification or license to practice, your family may be entitled to reimbursement for qualified relicensing costs after relocation.

Unemployment Compensation
Starting over isn’t always easy. If you’ve resigned from a position to move with your service member, special unemployment insurance may be available to support you while you search for work.

Unemployment Benefits by State
Locate unemployment benefits for which you may be eligible, right in your own state.

Property Moving Assistance
Use this DoD resource to schedule a moving company, get estimates, or report loosed or damaged property. Here are Coast Guard-specific moving resources and contacts.

Critical Housing Areas
Provides Service members the with procedures for housing allowances under the Critical Housing Area policy.

Relocation Assistance Program
This program helps you familiarize yourself with your new community and the resources that are available there; varying levels of support are available throughout the stages of your move and settling-in process.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
Moving can sometimes be stressful, especially with small children in tow. Did you know that you can receive child care reimbursement for someone to watch your child during your move?

TRICARE Relocation Guide
Your TRICARE health coverage does not change, however, when you relocate the plan options that are available to you may. Check out this TRICARE moving guide and decide what’s best for you and your family. You have 90 days from your address change to also update your health plan.

A Moving Resource Blog Post
Review answers to the questions associated with moving as a military family including: health care information, child care programs, educational and entertainment programming for your children.

Plan My Move
Create a customized moving checklist—all you need to do is answer a few questions to generate it.
This resources connects Service members and their families with rental-home listings located near U.S. military bases. This content is offered through the Department of Defense.
This official Department of Defense portal to moving, includes information on the various aspects of moving affiliated with military families. The site includes weight estimates, creating claims or how to ship your belongings or even your vehicle.

PCS Checklists offers PCS checklists, broken out by weeks, so that you can know how to plan for your move in detail, before and after the moving day arrives.

Moving and Housing
Military OneSource provides tools for OCONUS moves and also offers housing and resources.

The Homeowner’s Assistance Program
The Homeowner’s Assistance Program provides financial aid to wounded, injured, ill and surviving spouses and BRAC-impacted personnel. This service is provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Contact your Coast Guard Transition and Relocation Manager
These managers are available to guide spouses and family members on career planning, job seeking and resume writing, as well as, to help them prepare for interviews and negotiate offers. The program assists in spouses overcoming difficulties associated with finding employment, especially during relocation process.

Housing and Base Contacts
These housing contacts will ensure you have reasonable housing conditions with manageable commuting differences from your work.

Coast Guard Housing Offices
This is a list of local and area housing officers that can assist you with your housing needs.

Health and Safety Work-Life Offices
This document is an overview of Health, Safety & Work-Life Office contacts including TRICARE regional practice and clinical representatives.

Last reviewed on: 10/05/2020