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Sept. 4, 2020

Event: Bystander Intervention webinar, Sept. 9

Register to listen to self-defense expert Nicole Snell during a Zoom event Sept. 9. You will learn practical tools for using your intuition, setting verbal boundaries, and de-escalation options. She will also teach you about the definition of consent, and ways to support survivors. The webinar only has 100 seats; register early. 

Aug. 31, 2020

Build a better bookshelf: The 2020 USCG Professional Development Reading List

The New York Times bestselling cookbook, “Salt Fat Acid Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking,” might seem an unusual choice for the Coast Guard’s annual professional development reading list. But the book “helped me disconnect from a demanding staff assignment,” explains Lt. Austin Fullmer, in the Ninth District. “If being able to roast a whole buttermilk chicken on my own doesn’t signify personal growth, I don’t know what does!”

Aug. 31, 2020

3-Minute Interview: Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Jason Vanderhaden

One of our MyCG writers sat down with Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Jason Vanderhaden to discuss his approach on leadership.

Aug. 28, 2020

Celebrating Women in the Coast Guard

Women’s Equality Day commemorates the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, giving some women the right to vote. Together as a Service, we work toward greater equality and inclusion through policy, plans and leadership, while we also celebrate the trailblazing work of the women who serve our nation and our Coast Guard.

Aug. 28, 2020

Child Care Needs Assessment Survey

Please take a moment to take the Child Care Needs Assessment Survey,

Aug. 28, 2020

Major Marine Investigators Recognized for Excellence

When an emergency occurs on the water, most mariners know to call the Coast Guard for help on channel 16 of their marine radio. Our boat crews and aircrews are maritime first responders, saving lives and property at sea.
What happens after a maritime tragedy? How do we keep it from happening again?
Enter the Coast Guard’s Marine Investigators.

Aug. 27, 2020

New USCG app helps you be a crime-stopper

The Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) just launched a mobile app, CGIS TIPS, that anyone can use to help fight crime. It’s also available at

You can remain anonymous when you make a report! You won’t need to worry about providing identification.

Aug. 26, 2020

USCG Launches Everyone is a Recruiter incentive program

Coast Guard Recruiting Command (CGRC) has announced the Everybody is a Recruiter initiative, calling on all members, civilians, auxiliarists, and retirees to help recruit new active duty and reserve members.

Aug. 26, 2020

Surface Navy Association Virtual Waterfront Symposium (Aug 25-27)

A Virtual Waterfront Symposium this week offers an opportunity to collaborate with your peers, and focus on your own professional development.

The event, hosted by the Surface Navy Association (SNA), started on Tuesday and runs through Friday. It is free for active duty and government civilians with a .mil or .gov email address.

There’s something for almost everyone in the line-up. Can’t make it to all the panels you want to check out? You can access videos of the sessions for 30 days.

Aug. 26, 2020

Striving for Equality— A Historical Perspective on Women’s Evolving Role in Coast Guard Service

As we commemorate Women’s Equality Day today, Aug. 26, it is also an opportunity for us, as a workforce, to acknowledge the many great steps that our fellow female Coast Guard members have taken on the road to equality.

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