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Credentialing Opportunities Online (CG Cool)
The Coast Guard can help you get certifications and licenses to support your future civilian career.


Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development Course
The CWOPD course is designed to assist newly commissioned CWOs in transitioning into the commissioned officer ranks. The course curriculum focuses on leadership, service etiquette, customs and courtesies, communication (oral and written), and the necessary administrative skills needed to become an effective Coast Guard Officer. Attendance and successful completion of the CWOPD course is mandatory for all W-2s within the first 18 months of commission.


Training Center Yorktown
Each year thousands of Coast Guard personnel - active duty members, reservists, civilians, and auxiliarists - come here to master the latest techniques and applications of the modern Coast Guard. Training Center Yorktown also offers basic and advanced courses to personnel from the other armed services, state, and federal agencies, and allied nations throughout the world.