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The Ombudsman Program Overview and Brochure
Learn how the Ombudsman Program works at a high-level, and how it can support you as part of the Coast Guard family. It includes links to family resources, a command cadre toolkit, training resources, and a list of Ombudsman coordinators.

Find Your Coast Guard Ombudsman on the Registry
The Ombudsman Registry will allow you to identify your command or unit, and to contact the Coast Guard Ombudsman.  If you cannot locate your unit, please contact the closest Base or Sector Ombudsman.

The Commanders Guide to Ombudsman Services
This checklist provides a reference to be used when implementing the Ombudsman Program within your unit.

New Ombudsman Training
If you are new to being an ombudsman, this training resource will help you become comfortable in your new role.

Ombudsman Family Programs
This checklist provides a reference to be used when implementing the Ombudsman Program within your unit.

Navy Fleet and Family Support Center
Coast Guard families are eligible to access the Navy’s Family Readiness programs including those offering career resources and education.

Naval Service FamilyLine
Naval Services FamilyLine is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to serving Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard families across the country and the world. FamilyLine is a unique organization that was founded by spouses for spouses.

Military OneSource
Although Coast Guard benefits are not available through this resource, this is a source of informative articles and helpful resources our families can use.





Affinity Groups (CAC Required)
The Coast Guard encourages groups that span across racial, ethnic, gender, physical disabilities and sexual orientation lines to promote networking and sharing, and thus help retain and promote diversity within the Coast Guard. Explore an overview of affinity groups and click on the group list to discover the right one for you.

United Service Organization (USO)
The USO provides services, programs, and entertainment at more than 200 centers worldwide with a mission to connect Service members to the people and the places they love including phone home services and more.

American Red Cross
This organization assists military families and veterans with the challenges of military life. Volunteers provide services within hospitals and on Bases, and support families with resources during deployments and emergencies. CPR training is also available and families can receive free smoke detectors for home use. The American Red Cross Hero Care Center verifies and communicates family emergencies to unit commands. *Ombudsmen can also communicate emergencies to unit commands.

National Military Family Association
An advocacy group for families founded by military wives that provides programs and are formidable voices on Capitol Hill, the Department of Defense, and Veterans Affairs.

Community Resource of Local Social Services is a comprehensive source of locally curated social services. Call, text, or chat with your local 211 representative to connect to a variety of services and programs, including food, housing, employment, education, health care, special needs, and abuse support.

Coast Guard Ombudsman Program Instruction
This instruction provides guidance and assigns responsibilities for the Coast Guards Ombudsman Program.

Last reviewed on: 10/05/2020