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Coast Guard Leadership and Professional Development
A resource of online and offline courses for all grades focused on leadership , management and facilitation.

USCG Supervisor of Civilians Tier 1
This 40-hour online course introduces military and civilian supervisors to the topics and requirements they must know to supervise civilian personnel.

USCG Supervisor of Civilians Tier 2
This five-day exportable course trains newly hired or promoted civilian and military supervisors on the topics and requirements they are required to know as a supervisor of civilian personnel.

USCG Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition Course (MOCTC)
MOCTC Prepares USCG lieutenants and -12s for roles of greater responsibility, helping you apply knowledge to large-scale organizational and daily individual leadership challenges.

USCG Senior Leadership Training Course (SLTC)
SLTC helps new lieutenant commanders and GS-13s expand their leadership capacity. The course covers USCG strategy, resource management, DHS, DOD and more.

USCG Leadership and Management School (LAMS)
LAMS is one-week course to enhance supervisory skills for first-line supervisors and mid-level managers.

USCG Senior Leadership Principles and Skills (SLPS)
SLPS helps USCG members and civilians transition from mid-level to senior management positions. The course is designed for CG 12-14, O-4 and O-5s.

USCG Team Leader / Facilitator (FLFAC)
This five-day course helps develop your ability to lead teams and serve as a change agent, focusing on leading work-groups and cross-functional teams, managing group dynamics, and improving team performance. It’s open to GS-12-14. High performers in other pay grades are encouraged to attend with supervisor approval.

Civilian Career Opportunities
Search a job type to find the best Coast Guard position for you.

USAJobs Open Opportunities
Open opportunities are like “mini-details,” where you work up to 20 hours for another team.

This USAJobs link takes you directly to all currently available USCG jobs. You can sort by hiring path, job series and pay grade.

DoD: Defense Civilian Emerging Leaders Program
Attend seven weeks of in-residence courses at the DoD Executive Management Training Center in Southbridge, Massachusetts. The course covers DoD mission, decisiveness, conflict resolution and more.

U.S. Army War College: Masters Degree of Strategic Studies This Distance Education Program consists of eight primary online courses, an elective or directed research project, and two summer resident courses, taken over a two-year period. There is no tuition cost, but TAD costs must be funded by the participant’s unit/office. For GS13-15.

The Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security CAC Access Required
Earn your M.A. in security studies, or enroll in a non-degree program for Executive Leadership, Pacific Executive Leadership, or DHS Emerging Leaders. All programs are fully funded through a FEMA grant. Eligibility varies per program, but there are opportunities for GS-9 to SES.

DoD Service School Opportunities CAC Access Required
DoD encourages employee development by offering free advanced academic degrees from academic institutions across the country. Opportunities include:

  • M.S., National Resource Strategy from the Dwight D. Eisenhower School
  • M.S. National Security Strategy, National War College
  • M.S. Strategic Studies, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College


DHS Fellows Program
The DHS Fellows Program prepares a cadre of leaders who are committed to bringing a joint perspective to leading people and mission. The program provides a rigorous 10-month curriculum including site visits, residential sessions, coaching, and a rotational assignment.

DHS White House Workshop
A three-day program for managers interested in broadening their understanding of presidential policies and programs.

DHS Leader Development Program (CAC Required)
Join DHS’ leadership program and learn to navigate your work with trust, efficiency and in good stewardship of the department’s resources.

DHS Leadership Bridges Self-Development Program (CAC Required)
Develop leadership competencies at your own pace. Online and experiential learning opportunities include front-line interviews with supervisors, mentorship, coaching and shadowing.

DHS Continuous Supervisory Leader Development (CAC Required)
DHS requires supervisors, managers and executives beyond their first year to complete two annual requirements covering nearly 12 hours of training. The program is known as “12/12.”

President’s Management Council Interagency Rotation Program (PMC)
The PMC Interagency Rotation Program enables emerging Federal leaders to expand their management skills, broaden their organizational experience, and foster networks they can leverage in the future. The program involves a rotational assignment in another agency for six months, at the participant’s current grade level. For GS13-15.

DHS Detail Opportunities Library (CAC Required)
Details allow employees to experience diverse mission areas through hands-on assignments for a temporary period of time.

DHS Volunteer Force (CAC Required)
The DHS Volunteer Force staffs and deploys a cadre of volunteers who assist in non-Stafford Act incidents.

DHS Surge Capacity Force (CAC Required)
The Surge Capacity Force provides volunteers to support areas throughout the country in greatest need after natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other catastrophic events.

DHS Rotational Assignments Program (CAC Required)
The Homeland Security Rotation Program enables employees to participate in cross-component rotational assignments. (Site accessible from USCG workstations only).

DHS Joint Duty Program (CAC Required)
The Joint Duty Program offers civilian personnel assignments on cross-cutting DHS and federal-wide for GS-13 through GS-15 employees.

DHS Senior Executive Service (SES) Candidate Development Program
The SES development program is an intensive 12-18 month course that prepares high-performing GS 14/15 individuals for positions in the SES.

Department of State: National Security Executive Leadership Seminar
The Foreign Service Institute National Security Executive Leadership Seminar course offers participants exposure to high-level Administration officials and the latest insights on policy deliberations. For GS-15 and 06.

Department of State: Navigating the Interagency
The State Department’s mid-level interagency course aims to build the collaborative skills and cultural awareness of USCG employees working on national security policy issues. For GS12-13 and 03.

Partnership for Public Service: Excellence in Government and e-Government Fellows
These programs offer a transformational experience that encourages fellows to think differently and lead more effectively, tapping expertise from top practitioners in both public and private sectors.

Graduate School USA: Aspiring Leader
The program strengthens basic competencies in oral and written communication, problem solving, leadership, interpersonal skills, self-direction, flexibility, customer service, and decisiveness. For GS-4-6.

Graduate School USA: New Leader
The New Leader Program is for employees who have just entered leadership or have a high potential. The course involves three, one-week sessions over a six-month period. For GS 7-11.

Graduate School USA: Executive Leader Program
The nine-month program strengthens employees’ leadership competencies and teaches them how to apply the skills in real-world situations. For GS 11-13.

Graduate School USA: Capitol Hill Workshop
This three-day training provides managers with a timely, in-depth look at changing political and policy struggles and how Congress will attempt to shape and realign America's future as we enter the 21st Century. For GS13-15 and 05-5.

Alan Freed Associates: White House Workshop
This three-day training gives managers an understanding of presidential policies and programs. For GS13-15 and 05-06.

Alan Freed Associates : Capitol Hill Workshop
This three-day training provides managers with a timely, in-depth look at changing political and policy struggles and how Congress will attempt to shape and realign America's future as we enter the 21st Century. For GS13-15 and 05-5.

Coast Guard Inspirational Leadership Awards
These annual awards recognize civilian employees and military members who exemplify the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty.

Coast Guard Civilian Awards Manual
The manual covers various recognition awards, eligibility and how to apply for them; it also includes the Civilian Awards Manual Instruction. Here are some of the awards used to recognize outstanding USCG civilians

  • Commandant’s Superior Achievement Award
  • Commandant’s Distinguished Career Service Award
  • Civilian Service Commendation Medal
  • Civilian Employee of the Year Award
  • DHS Secretary’s Annual Awards
  • DH Secretary’s Honorary Awards

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides programs and resources to foster collaborative diversity education and socialization.

Office of Leadership
The Office of Leadership offers educational opportunities and provides resources for developing leadership attributes.

FORCECOM Training Contact
FORCECOM provides numerous training programs and resources for both civilian and military members.

Civilian Career Management Team (CAC Required)
The portal page provides tools to map your career, develop your professional or leadership skillsets, and apply for career-building opportunities.

Last reviewed on: 9/15/2020