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Resource | Dec. 21, 2020

Spiritual Resources

Navy Chaplains have been caring for the religious and spiritual needs of USCG personnel since 1929. As such, chaplains are assigned to specific Coast Guard units to sustain operational and family readiness by supporting Coast Guard personnel's religious rights. Though not officially part of CG Work-Life, your chaplain is part of the CG overall support system by providing, facilitating, and caring for personnel and their families, as well as advising commanders regarding morale and welfare matters.

Why would I want to talk with a chaplain if I’m not a religious person?
Your CG chaplains have all kinds of conversations with employees – many which are simply checking in on someone’s welfare and wellbeing, or being a compassionate listening ear who understands the demands of CG life. Regardless of what you talk with a CG chaplain about, all chaplains maintain 100% confidential communication. What you say to a chaplain in confidence stays between you and the chaplain unless you decide differently. Chaplains cannot be compelled by the command, medical professionals, or others to disclose what a service member or family member shares in confidence.


Where is my nearest chaplain?
See current listing of unit chaplain for names and contact information: You can also locate your nearest Coast Guard chaplain by calling 202-372-4900

Where can I find spiritual and religious resources?
You can follow the Chaplain of the Coast Guard’s Facebook page ( for regularly updated resources.

Faith-Specific Needs:
Chaplains care for all Coast Guard personnel and their families with dignity, respect, and compassion regardless of an individual's faith belief. If you require a specific religious accommodation at this time (e.g., dietary restriction while self-isolated or in quarantine), please reach out to your unit chaplain who can coordinate with your command.

Spiritual Wellbeing:
DHS provides a good link to resources here:

Holy Days:
Social distancing has impacted celebrations of major Christian, Jewish, and Islamic holy days in April 2020. The majority of faith communities are not holding public gatherings and have moved to offering services live-stream. If you need assistance finding specific faith group resources, please reach out to your unit chaplain who can facilitate that connection.

Faith Specific Resources:
Disclaimer: The U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps do not endorse, promote, or favor any one religion, denomination, or sect within a faith group.