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Commentary | July 8, 2020

New pay and allowances to help you through COVID-19

Several new pay and allowances are now available to members and their dependents.

These entitlements are part of the overall military effort to support our members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please contact your local SPO to determine your eligibility for these new pay and allowances:


Isolation Allowance (PCS related)

Isolation Allowance is the “per-diem” rate for your assigned area. This allowance starts upon your arrival into the area of your new Permanent Duty Station (PDS), but before you officially report to your new PDS, and before you are out of a travel status (before starting TLA or TLE), and continues for the monitoring period.

You are eligible for Isolation Allowance if you are a member or dependent who has been ordered into isolation or quarantine after departing or detaching from your old PDS, and delayed while you were:

  • waiting for your Household Goods move or transportation; or
  • delayed after departing your old PDS; or
  • have departed your old PDS and ordered to return from a COVID-19 impacted area.

Isolation Allowance is authorized by an amendment to your PCS travel order by your unit Personnel and Administration (P&A) office. 


Hardship Duty Pay - Restriction of Movement (non-travel related)

If you are a member at a duty station ordered to quarantine or isolate in quarters at personal expense, without government reimbursement of any kind, you may be authorized for Hardship Duty Pay - Restriction of Movement (HDP-ROM).

HDP-ROM pay may be available if (1) your command orders you into quarantine or isolation apart from your existing private residence, or family quarters and (2) you incur an out-of-pocket lodging expense and no authority exists for re-imbursement (e.g., lodging per diem). This scenario is most likely to exist when there are no suitable UPH rooms, barracks, or contracted quarters so the member obtains commercial lodging that is not otherwise reimbursed.

Payment is a flat taxable payment of $100 per day (regardless of actual lodging cost), not to exceed $1,500 per calendar month. Members authorized HDP-ROM are not authorized reimbursement for the full cost of quarters if it exceeds $100 a day. HDP-ROM processing procedures and required documentation will be provided in a forthcoming ALCOAST. Check with your unit P&A office if you think you are eligible for HDP-ROM.


COVID-19-Related Galley Meals

You may be eligible if you are a member ordered into unit Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH), barracks or shipboard quarters for COVID-19-related isolation/quarantine. If the unit has an operating galley, you may be provided meals without charge during your quarantine period even if you also receive BAS. Members at the unit under a TDY or PCS-TEMDUINS order are authorized galley meals without charge while in ordered isolation/quarantine, but must enter those meals during that period on their travel claims as deductible meals. Contact your unit P&A office for assistance with travel claims and suspension of automatic pay account deductions for meals for assignments to sea duty or Class “A” School. See forthcoming CG-11 policy concerning no-cost meals for members in isolation/quarantine in UPH.


Basic Allowance for Subsistence II (BAS-II)

Enlisted members residing in Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH), shipboard quarters or temporary contracted quarters in close vicinity of their PDS who, while in a period of quarantine or isolation, do not have access to a galley or Appropriated Fund Dining Facility for meals and do not have adequate food storage and preparation facilities, may qualify for this pay, which is a second payment of ENL-BAS rate, pro-rated daily for the eligible period. Commands must request BAS-II authorization from COMDT (CG-1332) for enlisted members whose conditions of restriction of movement meet the requirements for BAS-II. Please see Sec. 3.A.5 of the CG Pay Manual, CIM 7220.29 (series). Officers are not authorized BAS-II.


Continuation of Special and Incentive Pays

Members who are receiving special or incentive pays (other than Career Sea Pay) that require the performance of specific duties (e.g., Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay, Special Duty Pay, or Dive Pay), may be unable to perform these specific duties through no fault of their own. As an exception to policy for members who, but for the effects of COVID-19, would otherwise be eligible to receive Special or Incentive Pays, the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1) has waived the requirement to perform specific duties and allow members to continue to receive their pay. This authority to waive performance of duties required is delegated to the first O-6, or civilian equivalent, in the member’s chain of command. To the extent that this authority may conflict with broader, more liberal waiver authorities contained in existing policy guidance, existing policy shall take precedence.


Family Stability Act (BAH and Housing Flexibility)

Eligible members may receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) or housing flexibility to support the advanced or delayed travel of their dependents for certain reasons during the covered relocation period. Learn more about eligibility and how to request this pay by visiting the Coast Guard Family Stability Act website. The manual reference for this benefit is: CG Pay and Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29D, Chapter 3, section G.12, Housing Allowance and Housing Assignment Flexibility.