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Commentary | Aug. 26, 2020

Promotions: Captains selected for rear admiral, lower half

Seven Coast Guard captains have been selected for the rank of rear admiral, lower half, for promotion year 2021.
Each admiral select received a congratulatory phone call from Coast Guard Commandant Adm.  Karl Schultz prior to the message being released on Aug. 3.
Officers selected are listed below in precedence order.
1. Capt. Michael H. Day
2. Capt. Edward M. St. Pierre
3. Capt. Michael W. Raymond
4. Capt. Carola J.G. List 
5. Capt. Charles E. Fosse 
6. Capt. Chad L. Jacoby  
7. Capt. Mary M. Dean

The Coast Guard’s rear admiral, lower half, selection Board convened July 14, 2020.