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Commentary | Aug. 26, 2020

Notes from Master Chief Bushey

By Excerpts from Master Chief Bushey's senior enlisted newsletter

Celebrating 100 Years of the Coast Guard Chiefs! – NOMINATIONS Needed!

As we celebrate 100 years of Coast Guard Chiefs, we are highlighting them on the MCPOG’s Facebook page as well as MyCG. What chief do you know who stands out?
Chief Crystalynn Kneen will highlight our current Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs once a week for the duration of the 100th Year of the Chief.  All CSELs, SELs, and fellow Chiefs are encouraged to nominate those Chiefs who continue to make a difference.  Nominations must include (email is sufficient):

Members Name:
Position/Job Description:
Justification to address the following criteria:

  1. Exemplifies our core values;
  2. Be an active leader in the local Chief Mess, and
  3. Goes above and beyond to mentor, develop, and assist junior personnel.

Ask nominated member to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. In your opinion, what makes a “good” Chief?
  2. What advice do you have for junior members?

Include two action photos: (One in uniform and one out of uniform):  NOTE:  We are not looking for official photos…we want Chiefs in Action!
All nominations should be submitted to

Child Care Needs Assessment Survey

(Rear Adm. Joanna Nunan, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources - CG1) 
You can access the survey by going to the website below: 

The Child Care Needs Assessment Survey is underway. At no time in recent history have the challenges of balancing child care responsibilities with Coast Guard duties and the workplace been greater. The 2020 Child Care Needs Assessment was scheduled to take place before we felt the impacts of COVID-19, but couldn’t have been more timely in helping us capture the impacts of child care on morale, retention, and performance. This assessment and survey will help establish the foundation of current concerns and provide recommendations for review and action by the Child Development Services Program (CG-1112).

Please encourage wide participation in this survey. It is open to all those who are eligible for military childcare with children under 12 years of age. The subject matter is childcare in a broad sense and not necessarily related to the COVID-19 pandemic – though we understand that present circumstances have highlighted the need for childcare.

In the interim, Master Chief Bushey’s staff continues to evaluate options to better address childcare in the current environment, and our Commandant reiterated the very importance of the issue in his recent All Hands email, “Supporting our Workforce;” we will seek agile and adaptive options. Childcare concerns transcend those solely for children 12 years and younger, so it is very important to ensure all childcare and schooling-related irreconcilable home issues are fully discussed with supervisors and documented. These issues will continue to evolve as school systems and childcare options expand and contract in response to individual community responses to COVID-19 – flexibility and understanding are critical.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our 21st Century workforce.

You can access the survey by going to the website below: