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Commentary | Sept. 2, 2020

Deck plate leader of the Week: Command Master Chief Frank Tatu

By From Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard’s Facebook page

Our Deck Plate Leader of the Week is Command Master Chief Frank Tatu from Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma!
Master Chief Tatu is a model for what our Core Values mean to the Chief's Mess. Before heading to TRACEN Petaluma this past summer, Tatu was the Sector Ohio Valley Silver Badge. As such, he had ample impact on both junior enlisted and the Chief’s Mess in discussing and modeling what Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty means to us as a service. These core values were etched into him at an early age...both this grandfather AND his father were master chiefs in the Coast Guard.
Tatu is a staunch advocate of the Chief’s Mess. He is always asking Chiefs how they can help "add value"...both to the service and to their people. The Sector Ohio Valley Chief’s Mess is very active at the unit and in the community, and that is a direct reflection on Tatu’s belief in the power of the Chief. Whether it is coming in on the weekends to be there for the drilling reserves, to working with Partnership in Education (PIE) program, to mentoring junior members on work and home issues, Tatu is constantly out and about with the people. Not a single all hands, chief’s call or unit visit goes by where he is not trying to inspire active leadership and followership at all levels.

His advice for junior members? 

“Be proficient in your craft and take advantage of every opportunity to improve so you can add value to your unit and run a parallel course to building a positive resume. Most of my best experiences came from stepping out of the comfort zone, so get comfortable being uncomfortable, it is here where you will grow."

Thank you for your continued leadership Frank!

“The anchor is not restricted to a singular rating, those who can rise up above their own rating to know enough in order to guide every enlisted member will not only help a struggling member, they will be instrumental in finding the ideal solution to create synergy amongst the service. Someone who can master this does not need to be told they are a good Chief, their reputation often times enters the room before they do. A good Chief is not found at their desk, they are found after hours walking about the desks and can speak truth to power because they are intimately involved with the deck plate level issues while understanding organizational level intent to guide positive course of actions up and down the chain of command.”