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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Sept. 11, 2020

Body composition screenings resume Oct. 1

By Christie St. Clair, MyCG Staff

All Body Composition Screenings will resume Oct. 1, after being suspended this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Body Composition Program (“weigh-ins”) is currently in a pilot phase, which has abdominal circumference (AC) as an additional method of compliance, based on medical data indicating that it provides a more accurate health snapshot. The physical fitness test (PFT) also remains a method of compliance during the pilot program extension (01 Oct – 30 Nov). The goal is to improve the Coast Guard's approach to assessing members' health and readiness. 

The October Semi-Annual Body Composition Screenings will run from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31. 

Body tapings will follow a set of COVID-19 precautions:

  • Commands will establish check-in and waiting areas that allow for social distancing. Alternative approaches may include scheduled appointments, small group scheduling, and multiple screening dates.
  • COVID-19 exposure screening prior to entry. A pre-screening questionnaire has been sent to all admin shops.
  • Both member and taper must be masked.
  • Taper must wear gloves and change them for each new member being taped.
  • Tape must be wiped down with sanitizer between tapings.

The Body Composition pilot program will now run through Nov. 30, 2020, at which point a final policy will be promulgated. 


For Body Composition Program policy questions, contact: HQS-SMB-BodyCompPolicy@USCG.MIL

More information can be found at the Coast Guard Body Composition Program website

For COVID-19 medical issues, contact your local medical staff.

For PPE questions, contact your HSWL SC (se) DD-Safety and Environmental Health Officers (SEHOs). They are trained on PPE matters and serve as your local subject matter expert. Your SEHOs are as follows: 

  • Field Operations Branch Chief: Cmdr. Pat Wallace, HSWL Service Center
  • D1 Boston: Lt. Cmdr. Ryan Butler            
  • D5 Portsmouth, VA: Lt. Pat Brown             
  • D7 Miami: Lt. Cmdr. Carrie Foster 
  • D8 New Orleans: Lt. Cmdr. Erik Heithaus
  • D8 St Louis, Ill.: Lt. Cmdr. Sarah Maynard
  • D9 Cleveland: Lt. Cmdr. Tyler White
  • D11 LA/LB: Lt. Cmdr. Steve Vanderlaske
  • D13 Seattle: Lt. Cmdr. Ben Weber    
  • D14: Lt. Cmdr. Doug Erling
  • D17: Lt. Alicen Jordan


  • Contact CG SUPRT to get a free health coach: 855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778),