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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Sept. 17, 2020

Coast Guard wants to hear from you: Take the Career Perspectives Survey 

By Shana Brouder, MyCG Writer

The Assistant Commandant for Human Resources is reviewing which personnel policies can be improved to impact the members’ experience in the service. Participating in the Career Perspectives Survey informs the Coast Guard’s ongoing effort to develop increasingly supportive and inclusive personnel policies. Be a voice for your community through Oct. 12, 2020.

Active Duty and Reserve members on extended active duty orders (EAD) or active duty for operational support orders (ADOS) are encouraged to respond, as leadership seeks maximum participation from the military workforce. The survey is short, taking approximately 25 minutes or less to complete, confidential so that no one in your unit or other Coast Guard officials will see your answers, and is voluntary

Survey topics include:

  • Career development and mentoring experiences;
  • Experiences with advancement/promotion;
  • Factors influencing retention decisions; and
  • Perceptions of the Coast Guard workplace climate.

The Career Perspectives Survey is made possible through a partnership with the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through data. Previous surveys conducted in partnership with RAND have resulted in policy shifts that better support personnel readiness of Coast Guard parents and families’, to include surge staffing capacity and the expansion of parental leave. 

The survey is a critical step in an information gathering that aims to accurately capture the experiences of members across the workforce. This particular survey aims to collect feedback regarding the intersectional impacts of gender, race, and ethnicity. 

While participation in the Career Perspectives Survey is optional, it is the best way to have your voice heard regarding the entire career lifecycle of career development, promotion, retention, and workplace climate matters that you or your fellow Coast Guardsmen may be facing. 

Share your real-life, service experience right now. To complete the survey, please access the email sent to you by RAND ( and click on the link found within the email. To mitigate any technical challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic or PCS season, you can forward the link to your personal email for ease of access. 

We are stronger together. Together we can sustain the diversity & inclusion efforts you and our shipmates deserve.