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Commentary | Sept. 17, 2020

Reserves: Additional training period allocations for SELRES members for fiscal year 2021

For the upcoming fiscal year, reservists are reminded that only select reserve (SELRES) members assigned to Port Security Units (PSU), Naval Coastal Riverine Squadrons (CORIVRON) and Naval Coastal Riverine Groups (CORIVGRU) are authorized to perform additional training period (ATP). 

Selected reserve members not assigned to the above units must not directly schedule ATPs. Any supervisors of these members must not approve paid ATPs, in Direct Access (DA) without authorization such as the batching of ATPs is authorized with command approval, or an approved waiver from COMDT (CG-R82). 

All ATPs must be scheduled in DA on or before May 1, 2021. Unauthorized paid ATP usage must be tracked in DA, and commands of SELRES members with unauthorized ATPs must be notified. 

If a command is notified of or discovers unauthorized ATP usage, the unauthorized ATPs must be cancelled or corrected in DA to reflect inactive duty for training (IDT). When correcting paid ATPs, commands must use the ‘Correcting Paid IDT Drills’ user guide in DA and coordinate corrections with their Servicing Personnel Office (SPO).

Commands eligible and referenced above, can allocate ATPs to assigned SELRES members as needed to meet unit training requirements. Individual members must be initially assigned no more than 12 ATPs in the upcoming fiscal year. 

After training plans are evaluated by local commands, and with Deployable Specialized Forces (PAC-13) approval, unused ATPs may be reallocated to members within the same commands who have used their 12 ATPs and need additional training periods to complete remaining training requirements.

Each command must keep in mind not to exceed the following amount of ATPs:
        (1) PSUs: 1,680
        (2) CORIVRONs: 100
        (3) CORIVGRUs: 100 

Boat force ATP allocation will be provided in separate correspondence. ATPs need to ensure that SELRES members are able to gain and maintain required qualifications and certifications. All authorized IDT drills must be utilized prior to scheduling and completing ATPs. 

All ATPs must be scheduled to be performed after all authorized IDT drills. ATPs requested after May 1, 2021 require a waiver from COMDT (CG-R82).

The following point of contacts responsible for allocations for their units are as follows: 

  • PAC-13: Cmdr. Monica Hernandez, (510) 437-3564.
  • PSU 301: Lt. Cmdr. Logan Huffman, (508) 968-6766.
  • PSU 305: Lt. Jessica Snyder, (757) 878-5922 (ext. 228).
  • PSU 307: Lt. Cmdr.  Donnie Brzuska, (727) 212-7163.
  • PSU 308: Lt. Cmdr.  James McKnight, (228) 466-1035 (ext. 203).
  • PSU 309: Lt. Jeff Hiatt, (419) 635-4462.
  • PSU 311: Lt. Cmdr.  Todd Smith, (310) 521-4270.
  • PSU 312: Lt. Josue Roman, (650) 808-2805.
  • PSU 313: Lt. Cmdr. Jarod Ross, (425) 304-5857.
  • CORIVRONs/CORIVGRUs: PAC-13, Ms. Kristy Camacho (510) 437-3470.
  • COMDT (CG-R82) Point of Contact: Cmdr. Brandi E. Bruno, (202) 475-5439.

For additional information, please reference ALCOAST 344/20, (CAC Required)