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Commentary | Sept. 30, 2020

Wellness Wednesday Sneak Peek: The Impact of Dietary Supplements on Your Health 

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Writer

The use of dietary supplements—ranging from vitamins and minerals to weight loss pills—have exploded in recent years because of a heightened focus on personal nutrition and appearance. Join today’s Wellness Wednesday discussion, led by Andrea Lindsey, MS, the Director of Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS) and Senior Nutrition Scientist with the Consortium for Health and Military Performance at the Uniformed Services University. 

Lindsey will help decipher the basics of dietary supplements, and how to mitigate risks when using them. The discussion will occur Sep 30, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT.

“We are evidence-based in that we’ve pulled literature and identified some of the concerns and risks that impact supplement safety and that’s what we want to share,” Lindsey said.

OPSS is the Department of Defense-wide (DoD) effort, including partnerships with other government and professional organizations, to provide evidence-based, up-to-date information on dietary supplements. It’s a resource for the military community and DoD civilians, as well as health care providers. 

Lindsey’s presentation will provide a background on how dietary supplements are regulated, identify possible health risks, how to report adverse events, and provide valuable educational resources accessible to the Coast Guard workforce. There will also be a short practical application.

“We want to make sure our Service Members have all the resources to make an informed decision about a dietary supplement product,” Lindsey said.

Please click this link to attend Wellness Wednesday from your Coast Guard computer, personal computer or mobile device. You may also call (571) 388-3904; Conference ID 453 387 852#. If you have questions or suggestions, you may e-mail us at