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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 6, 2020

CVR Teams is here until June 2021

By MyCG Staff

Commercial Virtual Remote Environment (CVR) Teams is a platform the Coast Guard implemented in May 2020 for members to use to communicate across project teams. In the past six months CVR Teams has become essential to the Coast Guard’s virtual working environment with more than 20,000 regular users. Members are able to create virtual meetings in order to talk with each other, video conference, share screens, and collaborate on documents.

Group collaboration on CVR Teams.

When the program was initially meant to be a temporary virtual meeting platform, and was scheduled to disappear in early fall of 2020. CVR Teams has been extended until June 2021, and if you have not activated your account, here is how to do that.

Make sure you Common Access Card (CAC) is up-to-date. If you are a new hire, you recently changed employment types (for example you transitioned from being a military member or contractor to a civilian), or if you have ever been issued a CAC before joining the Coast Guard, please ensure your CAC is not expired or otherwise invalid.

When CVR Teams first launched, you might have received an activation email. If you have never received an email from please ensure that your CAC email is your address in RAPIDS Self Service. In order to verify your email address, you need to be on a Coast Guard Standard Workstation, Internet Explorer, with at least a VPN connectivity. This means commuting to a local Coast Guard unit for most members.

When you are ready to log in, you will need your CAC, a address, Chrome or Edge browser, and your CAC's Authentication Certification. Once you have all of these set, you can re-enable your CVR account, reset the password or multi-factor authentication (MFA) at the CVR Service Portal.  CVR access can also be established on a personal computer with CAC-reading software installed.

Group collaboration on CVR Teams.

As a cybersecurity requirement, CVR accounts are logged out every 18 hours and disabled after 35 days of inactivity. This makes logging-in to CVR from your preferred device a duty day best practice. And remember to reactivate your CVR account using the CVR Self Service Portal

If you have any question please email