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Commentary | Oct. 7, 2020

Wellness Wednesday Sneak Peek—Improve Your Nutrition, Increase Your Metabolism 

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Staff

Wellness Wednesday Sneak Peek—Improve Your Nutrition, Increase Your Metabolism 

Deciding what you should eat—especially amidst global stressors—can be a frustrating task. This Wellness Wednesday CVR Teams Meeting will provide an overview of nutritional health including factors affecting metabolism, building muscles, and an overview on fad diets. 

Join Public Health Nutritionist Jennifer Meeks, program lead for the Wellness and Readiness Program for the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center, and presenters from her team: health coaches Venisha Lambert and Lindsey Payne. The session will be held today from 3:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m., EDT.

“We really equate readiness with deployability,” said Meeks. “We can address a number of modifiable lifestyle choices that can benefit members like thorough health coaching, general nutrition, and stress management. We want to change behaviors now to help with overall readiness. And we want [members] to be as healthy as they can when they transition into civilian life.” 

The Wellness and Readiness Program is modeled after the Army’s Wellness Centers (AWCs), which are free and open to members and their beneficiaries across the services. 

“They have a really good non-clinical approach to health coaching and they keep people out of the hospital when they are just trying to get health help when they are not sick,” said Meeks, who refers to the Army’s Wellness Centers as their “big sister program”. Their own program is in the pilot phase, but will one day open to serve more people. She mentioned that the Army has 34 locations, and each location has a “bod pod” and other testing equipment for metabolic and fitness testing.  

“We want to get our program to that level,” said Meeks.  “I know it may seem crazy to promote the Army AWCs but our goal is to develop programs for the joint operating environment that we are in and making sure that all the Services are aware of the products they can use as well.”

During today’s meeting. Meeks and her team will discuss nutrition and healthy habits in conjunction with the climate that we’re in.  “There’s a lot of internal stressors effecting our health,” said Meeks. “We really want people to have that sense of empowerment. They know that they can’t change the big things but they can change what they choose to eat and their lifestyle choices.”


Please click this link to attend Wellness Wednesday from your CG computer, personal computer or mobile device. You may also call (571) 388-3904; Conference ID 453 387 852#. If you have questions or suggestions, you may e-mail us at