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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 14, 2020

Coming Soon: Civilian rotational assignments

By MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard is launching a new rotational assignment program for civilian employees.

The program will give civilians the opportunity to expand their professional competencies and build their leadership skills, while learning about other areas of interest to them.  
Please note: This program covers rotational assignments internal to the Coast Guard, as outlined in COMDINST 12410.13. For information regarding rotational assignments within DHS and DHS components external to the Coast Guard, please visit this website.

What is a rotational assignment? 
A rotational assignment is a temporary placement of a Coast Guard civilian employee, including SES, from his/her position of record to another position within Coast Guard, for the purposes of training, development, and personal growth and/or to gain exposure to new areas. Rotational assignments are learning experiences and are not recorded as details. 

Rotational assignments: 

  • May or may not be in the same office as the employee’s position of record; 
  • May be part-time or full-time; 
  • May be virtual or in person; 
  • May involve shadowing, performing duties, and job swaps; 
  • May last up to 180 days or six consecutive months. (With consent from the home office, rotational assignments may be extended up to an additional 180 days, provided the total rotational assignment does not exceed one year.) 

During a rotational assignment, many factors remain unchanged: 

  • There are no changes to an employee’s grade, position description (PD), bargaining unit status, duty location, and pay; 
  • For onsite assignments, work is performed within employee’s local commuting area, 
  • For virtual assignments, the employee generally follows the same work schedule. 

Who is eligible? 
Civilian employees are eligible for rotational assignments if they have met the following requirements:

  • Have been employed by the Coast Guard on a permanent appointment for at least one year; 
  • Have completed his/her probationary period; 
  • Have not been demoted or suspended for performance or conduct reasons within the preceding 12 months; or, have not been issued a decision to effect a removal, demotion, or suspension action; 
  • Have an overall rating of record of at least “Fully Successful,” “Meets,” or equivalent rating from most recent performance review with no documented performance-related comments; 
  • Have met all applicable security clearance requirements; 
  • Have met any minimum educational, licensure, and certification requirement for the assignment; and 
  • Have met any required physical fitness standards. 

How will employees learn about rotational assignments? 
The Civilian Career Management Team (CCMT) is currently working on website development, standard operating procedures, and guidance for facilitating the program for host supervisors, home supervisors, and employees who want to participate. Program implementation is projected for February 2021. Stay tuned for an update. 


  • For more information about the civilian rotational assignment policy, contact Regina Ernst, CG-122, 
  • For more information about the civilian rotational assignment program implementation, contact the CCMT,