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Selected Reserve Direct Commission Program selections

By MyCG Staff


The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has approved the results of the Selected Reserve Direct Commission program (SRDC) Officer Selection Panel, which convened on Aug. 24, 2020. The Panel recommended the following individuals as primary and alternate candidates for Reserve Commissions in the United States Coast Guard with the expected Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination (ROCI) class convening date (CLCVN) on or about June, 2021.

Primary selectees approved by the Secretary of DHS are listed in alphabetical order. Numerics assigned are for tracking purposes only and do not reflect rank ordering.

Primary Selectees:

Name                                             Appointment Grade        
   1. Collin E. Aiello                                Ensign      
   2. OS2 Kaylee A. Arceo                     Ensign
   3. MST1 Natalie C. Arroyo                 Ensign       
   4. BM2 Thomas J. Ayers                    Ensign   
   5. Ashley Baugh                                 Ensign                
   6. IS2 William A. Bryan                      Ensign       
   7. Meredith N. Burns                          Ensign        
   8. Jeremy L. Canaday                        Ensign      
   9. BMC Charles C. Carver                 Ensign      
  10. Marcos A. Correa                          Ensign     
  11. ME1 Matthew A. Couto                 Ensign    
  12. MEC Bryan D. Cvengros              Lieutenant junior grade   
  13. OSC Thomas S. Davis                  Lieutenant junior grade    
  14. ME2 Emery E. Dawson                Ensign    
  15. Bryan G. DeAngelo                       Ensign     
  16. MST1 Samantha N. Ervin             Ensign    
  17. Francis P. Escobari                      Ensign    
  18. ME2 Robert M. Fiorenza             Ensign    
  19. George Fuste                              Ensign  
  20. BM1 Daniel J. Garcia                  Ensign  
  21. Nicholas M. Garcia                      Ensign    
  22. IS2 Nicholas P. Gauck                Ensign    
  23. SN Kody P. George                     Ensign     
  24. David Germain                            Ensign    
  25. MST1 Kyle J. Graeber                Ensign    
  26. MST1 Jennifer L. Gramata          Ensign   
  27. Azalea D. Hall                             Ensign   
  28. Victor M. Hernandez                   Ensign   
  29. ET2 Christopher D. Hess            Ensign    
  30. MK1 Matthew J. Hill                    Ensign    
  31. HS1 Kimberly A. Hoefer              Ensign    
  32. YNC Charles R. Hoffman            Lieutenant junior grade    
  33. MST1 Alyse C. Howell                Ensign    
  34. Alaina K. Hudson                        Ensign     
  35. MST2 Brian P. Hunter                 Ensign    
  36. Nathan C. Joyce                          Ensign    
  37. MST1 Aron P. Kaloostian           Ensign    
  38. BM1 Daniel T. Kazmark              Ensign    
  39. Paul C. Kirwan                            Ensign   
  40. Hunter P. Lawrimore                   Ensign    
  41. SK1 Richard Lance F. Lizama    Ensign   
  42. MST2 Jeremiah M. Lubianca      Ensign   
  43. Lauren J. Lyver                           Ensign    
  44. Dylan J. Marston                         Ensign    
  45. YN1 Matthew McGlynn               Ensign    
  46. Richard D. McLaughlin               Ensign    
  47. Emily A. Munn                            Ensign   
  48. MST2 Gregory D. Murray           Ensign    
  49. Ryan J. Nave                              Ensign   
  50. Christopher D. Nelson               Ensign    
  51. MB3 Brian J. Normand              Ensign    
  52. Westen B. O'Brien                      Lieutenant junior grade     
  53. SN Bryan A. Ochoa                   Ensign    
  54. ME1 Peter D. O'Donnell             Ensign   
  55. OS2 Alexander K. Opp              Ensign
  56. SK2 Stephanie L. O'Sullivan      Ensign
  57. BM3 Kyle W. Ovanek                 Ensign
  58. Cyril T. Ozhuthual                      Ensign     
  59. Angela M. Parker                       Ensign    
  60. ME1 Lisa M. Pietruszka             Ensign    
  61. Adam M. Polkowski                   Ensign    
  62. MST2 Martin O. Reina               Ensign    
  63. Krishna C. Rengan                    Ensign     
  64. ME3 Ronell C. Rivera                Ensign   
  65. Patrick Ross                              Lieutenant junior grade      
  66. SN William J. Sadd                   Ensign    
  67. Kylan J. Simpson                      Ensign    
  68. Harry C. Smith                          Ensign   
  69. Joseph D. Smith                       Ensign     
  70. YN1 Alexander Sokolov           Ensign    
  71. ME1 Joshua E. Swanson         Ensign    
  72. IS1 Lauren M. Townsend         Ensign    
  73. Jonathan R. Tripi                      Ensign    
  74. Christopher D. Von Lehe          Ensign    
  75. Charles H. Williams                  Ensign   
  76. Robert L. Yoshioka                   Ensign    
  77. ET1 Timothy M. Young             Ensign    

Alternates are listed in the order appointments may be offered. Alternates are encouraged to reapply to maximize their commissioning opportunities.

Alternate Selectees:
Name                                               Appointment Grade           
  1. BM3 Nancy L. Sarcia                Ensign            
  2. Mason P. Sullivan                     Ensign            
  3. IS1 Michael T. Fohr                   Ensign         
  4. ET2 James M. Strysko              Ensign   
  5. MST2 Gregory S. Ayers           Ensign   
  6. MST2 Tisha E. Buelto              Ensign  
  7. ET2 Robinson J. Hall                Ensign          
  8. Thomas EJ. Slattery                 Ensign           
  9. BM3 Colby L. Heywood            Ensign   
 10. Raymond P. Bibla                   Ensign            
 11. Isaac T. Johnson                     Ensign            
 12. MK2 Daniel H. Jouve              Ensign   
 13. Lilianna R. Di Gesu                 Ensign            
 14. Mason A. Martin                     Ensign   

Selectees will receive letters notifying them of their selection and any pending commissioning requirements. Final appointment to the grades listed is contingent upon meeting all commissioning eligibility requirements, remaining fully qualified and successfully completing reserve officer candidate indoctrination.