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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 19, 2020

Progress! Microsoft 365 transition is moving full steam ahead

By MyCG Staff


The U.S. Coast Guard is making significant progress in its transition to Microsoft 365 (M365). To date, more than 62,000 of about 76,000 email mailboxes have now been successfully migrated to M365 email.

Be sure to check out the training available to help you take full advantage of these new tools.


Here are some migration updates for specific types of users:

  • Blackberry users: Blackberry users with Apple iOS devices are now being migrated and will receive email notifications leading up to their transition date. Users who have not yet taken the steps for the mandatory provisioning to Purebred should visit the USCG Mobility website now to start this process.
  • Android users: Android users will not be transitioned to M365 email until an engineering solution is fully tested and operational. Users will receive notifications from the mobility team leading up to their transition date once the solution is ready.
  • Cutters: Users assigned to cutters with onboard email servers will not be transitioned to M365 email.

Here are some updates about specific functions that may be impacted by the migration:

  • Shared Mailboxes: The majority of active shared mailboxes (SMBs) have been successfully migrated to the cloud. Users experiencing issues with SMBs should submit a support request via CGFIXIT and forward the ticket information
  • Legacy email-enabled public folders: These will not be migrated. Units who rely on email-enabled public folders must take action now to have them migrated to a SMB. Existing email aliases, mail, and calendars will be retained with the SMB. Information on this process is available here.
  • Query-based distribution groups: Users who rely on query-based distribution groups (QBDGs) are experiencing unforeseen issues once migrated. Owners of these distribution groups are advised to submit a support request via CGFIXIT containing a list of their affected groups and forward the ticket information
  • Personal Folder Files: PSTs are locally stored Personal Folder Files and will remain accessible following user migrations to M365 email. Links to job-aids are included in the pre-migration messaging to restore PSTs if they are not immediately visible once migrated. PST files will be transitioned to M365 email beginning in late October. Users will receive email notifications containing specific instructions and details on this process. More information on changes to PSTs can be found here and here. Users are encouraged to regularly check these links for the most up to date information on PSTs transitioning to the Cloud.

Please watch this space for more updates coming soon including updates on USCG Teams and OneDrive.