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Deckplate Leader of the Week:Chief Petty Officer Adam J. Whaley

By From Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard’s Facebook page


Our Deckplate Leader of the Week is Chief Petty Officer Adam J. Whaley, a boatswain’s mate from the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw!

Chief Whaley holds his subordinates and himself to high standards of conduct without exception. His contribution on deck is only overshadowed by his willingness and frequent support of the crew off duty.

He provides exceptional experience sourced, mission driven (personnel/unit) and policy guided advice throughout all issues his mess has faced. His council is highly sought after and recommendations are held to high regard. Whaley is the purist example of old school values mixed with new age understanding.

Whaley is a participative leader and mentor who takes a first-hand approach whether it be on the buoy deck, bridge or throughout the passageways. Blunt yet constructive is the best description of his method of counsel. He is highly regarded as a true leader throughout the command and has served as a stellar example to all levels.

Words of Wisdom:

What makes a good Chief? Simply put, you must have a desire and willingness to be there for others. To be affective you must understand the mission, the members and how each operates in order to create an efficient balance. Completing the mission but not at the cost of the member!

My advice for junior members:

When speaking of junior members one is normally referring to non-rates and ensigns. In both circumstances these members are typically still trying to decide what they want to do in the Coast Guard. I encourage you to find a rating or path you can see yourself enjoying for the next twenty years – something different from outside hobbies and interests. This way you're not just doing one thing in life but rather enjoying multiple things in and out of work. Travel. When picking your next duty station, go outside your comfort zone. The Coast Guard is paying you to travel the world right now. Take advantage of this and go on a twenty-year adventure!

Our Deckplate Chief of the Week: Chief Petty Officer Adam Whaley