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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 27, 2020

Reserve High Year Tenure suspended through FY21

By MyCG Staff

Reserve high year tenure (R-HYT) is suspended through Sept. 2021. 

Reserve members who exceed their personal growth point (PGP) on or before Sept. 30, 2021, will be considered for the R-HYT for fiscal year 2022. Candidates will follow the procedures outlined in the FY 2022 R-HYT PGP waiver process message that will be released in the fall of 2021.   

In order for our enlisted reservists to advance within their career, all Coast Guard commands must be fully engaged to provide training opportunities and mentorship – especially from our Chief’s Mess. Proper training and mentoring assists our reserve enlisted workforce to meet their PGP. The R-HYT is designed to encourage members to advance, which in turn promotes consistent advancement flow through the ratings.  

While the pandemic has impacted many aspects of daily life, it has not hindered hurricanes, wildfires, or threats to national security, and our reserve force has continues to answer the call to server our Nation. The interim amendment to the R-HYT allows the reserve workforce to continue their work mobilizing to support many different missions.

Coast Guard leaders must continue to educate reserve members who are approaching or exceeding their PGPs. Candidates at the E-8 and E-9 levels should review the by-name list centrally-managed by Reserve Personnel Management, and closely monitor mandatory retirements and 30 year waivers.  

To check E-4 to E-7 R-HYT status, or the status of one of your reserve members, a by-name list is available via Coast Guard Portal. Commands should properly counsel all E-4 to E-7 members who have exceeded their PGPs and leverage the current suspension period to aid the members in advancing and reduce the number of future R-HYT candidates.  

Reserve re-enlistment interviews and enlisted evaluation review (EER) counseling sessions provide excellent opportunities for commands to continually monitor PGPs and provide appropriate, targeted counseling. 
Reserve enlisted members who exceed their PGP on or before Sept. 30, 2021 will be considered FY 2022 R-HYT 
Questions or concerns should be directed to Lt. Cmdr. Erin Bennett with Reserve Personnel Management.