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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 27, 2020

October 2020 Semi-Annual Body Composition Screening FAQs

By MyCG Staff

Updated: 26 October 2020

The Coast Guard released the Body Composition Screening Update (ACN 128/20) announcing this fall’s weight and body fat screening results will be used for data collection purposes only. We have since received a number of questions that we would like to answer. Please send your questions to the Body Composition email.

Q. Did the Coast Guard announce they are cancelling weigh-ins for Oct. 202 via ACN 128/20?
A. No, that is not correct. Body composition compliance checks for the month of October are still being conducted and are mandatory. ACN 128/20 suspended the administrative consequences if a member fails to comply with the standards. Administrative consequences that are suspended for Oct. 2020 are include weight probation, separation, and permanent documentation in a member’s record. The body composition results will be used to provide commands and members a baseline for achieving healthy weight come April 2021.

Q. ACN 128/20 states that the Oct. 2020 Body Composition Screenings will be for data purposes only, what are the required elements of a Body Composition Screening?
A. Body Composition Screenings elements consist of the following:

  • Height. If this is a member’s first Body Composition check at their current unit, the member will be measured. 
  • Weight. Members will be weighed.
  • If member is not within weight standard, then the following will occur:
    •  At least one taping method (2/3 taping or abdominal circumference measurement;
    • And, if the members does not meet compliance through one of the taping methods, they must be medically screened and counseled on safe weight loss, current health, and impact to weight loss, and if they would be able to perform a physical fitness test (PFT).

PFTs remain an optional method to demonstrate compliance.

Q. I weighed in earlier this month and was above my maximum allowable weight (MAW) and body fat, I decided not to take the PFT and was placed on weight probation with a CG-3307, what now?
A. As stated in ACN 128/20, the CG-3307 should be permanently removed from your record since administrative consequences are suspended until April 2021.

Q. ACN 128/20 states effective 01 Nov. 1, 2020, all body composition screenings are suspended, what if I was unable to complete the October 2020 Body Composition Screening during that month due to cutter ops, etc.?
A. All military members must complete the October 2020 Body Composition Screening process, unless exempt by COMDNTINST M1020.8 (series) 5.B.1. (Pregnancy exemption). Members unable to conduct the Body Composition screening in October will complete the process as soon as operations allow.

Q. What should commands do to help members come into compliance for April 1, 2021?
A. Members who do not meet compliance with Body Composition standards must meet with Coast Guard medical for counseling and safe weight loss information. The combination of Coast Guard medical screening/counseling, and the command periodically following up with the member serve to aid in the safe weight loss required to meet the standards as soon as safely possible and be ready for the April 2021 Semi-annual Body Composition Screenings.

Q. Will the PFT still be a method of compliance for the April 2021 Semi-annual Body Composition Screening?
A. The PFT was instituted as a limited pilot program and is scheduled to expire in November 2020. Future use of the PFT as a component of the semi-annual Body Composition compliance program has not been determined.

Q.  I am a unit admin member, do we still use the data strings in the comments box in DA?
A. No, DA has been updated so that all required data can be directly entered into DA.

Q. While ACN 128/20 states no member will be put on probation, processed for separation, or receive a CG-3307 in their record, are members marked compliant in DA?
A.  Yes, but only after completing all applicable steps in the Body Composition Screening process and the data has been entered.

Q. If my advancement/promotion was on hold for weight compliance can I now be advanced/promoted since adverse actions have been removed?
A. Yes, members will be treated as if they meet the Coast Guard Body Composition Standard.

Q. If I am on fulltime telework do I need to come in for the October Semi-Annual Body Composition Screening since it is just for data collection only?
A. Yes, the October Body Composition Screening is still mandatory. It is being used for data collection purposes for the Coast Guard but it is also beneficial to the member and Command to gauge compliance and, if not in compliance, an opportunity to obtain medical advice and Command assistance for achieving compliance.