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Promotions: Selections for chief warrant officer to lieutenant

By MyCG Staff


The Coast Guard’s Selection Board convened Sept. 9, 2020, and recommended 35 members to promote to the rank of lieutenant during promotion year 2021. Officers selected are listed below in their respective order of selection. Congratulations to all who have been selected for promotion.


  1. AVI2 James D. Brewton


  1. AVI2 Kenneth M. Irsik


  1. ELC3 John L. Beacham
  2. ELC2 Timothy J. Manske
  3. ELC2 Thomas W. Bound
  4. ISM2 Nicholas R. Riggins


  1. ISM2 Luke A. Sigler      


  1. ENG2 James Weaver
  2. ENG2 Liam T. Walmsley
  3. ENG2 April N. Reid
  4. ENG2 Anthony P. Luciani
  5. ENG2 Steven L. Gustin
  6. MAT2 Jonathan D. Lusk


  1. F&S2 Curtis P. Kelly
  2. F&S2 Joshua Mooya       


  1. F&S2 Gilberto C. Correa

Human Resources

  1. PERS2 Anthony D. Nash
  2. PERS2 Brandon M. Webster
  3. PERS2 Brenda J. Rosado 


  1. PERS2 Nicholas M. Corns 
  2. PERS2 Michele A. Natale


  1. MED2 Brian A. Richardson
  2. MED2 Abner Y. Ayala


  1. MED2 Macie D. Lowe

Operations Afloat

  1. BOSN2 Sam Pollard Jr. 


  1. BOSN2 Anthony R. Figueroa 
  2. BOSN2 Ernest W. Rucker
  3. BOSN2 Kristian T. Sova
  4. BOSN2 Mark B. Reilly

Operations Ashore – Prevention

  1. MSSE3 Bryan E. Scott
  2. MSSD2 Christopher W. Horn

Operations Ashore – Response

  1. BOSN2 Joshua A. Janney


  1. BOSN2 Jason D. Tessier
  2. OSS2 Clint T. Smith


  1. ISS2 Amy E. Baker

Appointment of primary selectees may be anticipated between May 1, 2021 and Sept. 1, 2021. Appointment of alternates is based on service need and not a direct correlation to appointments of primary candidates. If an alternate is not tendered an appointment before next year's CWO to LT application deadline, the officer will be required reapply for the PY22 process.

Primary selectees should respond to commander, Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (CG PSC (opm-1)), Chief Warrant Officer Claricia Gautier, via letter of intent to accept or decline appointment no later than close of business Nov. 6, 2020.

Upon acceptance of appointment, immediately complete a new e-resume in anticipation of reassignment during AY21. In accordance with Article 3.B.10.b of the Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series), appointees who accept appointments are obligated to serve as temporary officers for three years from date of appointment.