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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Nov. 20, 2020

Reserve shopping list: Captain, commanders AY2021

By MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard Reserve has new captain and commander positions for Assignment Year 2021 (AY21) open for e-Resume submission in Direct Access.

These positions reflect the current state of the Personnel Allowance List (PAL). PAL changes and any updates to the shopping lists will be advertised via future All Coast Guard Reserve (ALCGRSV) messages.

Captain positions will be open for e-Resume submission in Direct Access from Oct. 16 to Dec. 18, 2020.

Commander positions will be open for e-Resume submission in Direct Access from Oct. 16 to Jan. 11, 2021.

E-Resume procedures: 

  • All candidates who meet the criteria for reassignment in AY21 must apply for positions in Direct Access using the PCS e-Resume link, found by following: Employee - Tasks - PCS e-Resumes.
  • Once there, enter Recruitment Type – SELRES PCS, Business Unit – Officer and desired search criteria to obtain a list of open billets. 
  • Search criteria may include state, job code, position number, etc. If unsure of the specific criteria, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the 
  • search box to determine eligible values. 
  • Fields such as Job Code and Job Family will narrow the search results based on rank and component (officer, enlisted, etc.).
  • A PCS e-Resume user guide can be found here
  • Select Self Service and navigate to e-Resume (PCS) – Procedure Guide (PDF).

Due to Direct Access limitations, any previously submitted e-Resumes will not be visible to assignment officers and should be resubmitted if assignment officer action is desired.

The following positions comprise the AY21 Reserve captain and commander shopping lists:


Department Name  Position Number    Job Title
Dir of Operational Logistics 00042630    

Senior Reserve Officer

Commandant (CG-OEM) 00043602     Emerg Mgmt Disaster Resp LNO (Note 1)
D13 Command Cadre (D) 00043883      Reserve Chief of Staff
LANTAREA (LANT-35) 00044489     Reserve Future Ops Br Chief
(Note 2)
PACAREA (PAC-01) 00046853     PAC Reserve Chief of Staff
D1 Command Cadre (D)  00048624     Senior Reserve Officer
PACAREA (PAC-3SF) 00049416     PSU Cmd Advisor
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM 00049791     DDE-Commanding Officer
OL-LSC ACQ & CLM BR Alameda 00050684     DD-LSC Cmd Staff-SRO (Alameda)
Commandant (CG-LPD) 00051726      Rsv Legal Prgm Mgr
OL-PAC CORIVGRU 1-San Diego 00052008     DDE-CG Advisor
PACAREA (PAC-3SF) 00052236 EPLO PACAREA Coordinator
(Note 2)
D7 Command Cadre (D) 00052446     Senior Reserve Officer
(Note 3)
D5 Command Cadre (D)  00052542     Senior Reserve Officer
D17 Command Cadre (D) 00052720     Reserve Chief of Staff
D14 Command Cadre (D) 00052862     Reserve Chief of Staff
D8 Command Cadre (D) 00053123     Dep Chief of Staff/Senior Res
D1 Response Div (DR) 00068898    

EPLO District 1 Coordinator
(Note 3)

D11 Command Cadre (D) 00070288     Reserve Chief of Staff
CGRU US Indo Pacific Command 00072047      DDE-Commanding Officer
D8 PLNG & Force RDNS Div (DX) 00087985    

EPLO District 8 Coordinator
(Note 3)














NOTE 1 – Assignment to CG-OEM is the primary fill. Potential multi-encumber would report to CG-R.
NOTE 2 – Potential multi-encumber. Duties may involve Deputy SRO work, EPLO support, assignments in AREA 3/5 shops. Contact AREA Reserve SRO for details.
NOTE 3 – Potential multi-encumber. Contact District (DX) for information on potential duties.


Department Name Position Number Job Title
Commandant (CG-LPD)  00042496 Legal-Duty
Sec Jcksnville Cmd Cadre 00042884  Senior Reserve Officer
Sec Del Bay Response Dept  00043009     Response Mgmt
Sec Ohio Val Cmd Cadre    00043386 Senior Reserve Officer
OL-CGRU JNT Staff S-Suffolk VA 00043606     DDE-Joint Ops & Exercise PLNR
D9 Incident Mgmt Br (DRM) 00043634     Incident Mgmt-Team Lead
CG LSC Command Staff  00044316     Sr Staff Attorney (Norfolk)
Sec Lower Miss Cmd Cadre 00044556     Senior Reserve Officer
DOL-4 00044634     Logistics Support Element Duty
D1 Response Div (DR) 00045030     EPLO District 1
D1 Legal Staff (DL) 00045080     Legal – Duty
D1 Response Div (DR)  00045551     EPLO District 1
Base National Capital Region 00045552     Senior Reserve Officer
Sec Col River Cmd Cadre 00045553     Senior Reserve Officer
Sec San Fran Cmd Cadre 00045684     Senior Reserve Officer
Sec Detroit Cmd Cadre 00045767     Senior Reserve Officer
Sec Se New Eng CP/RDNS STF 00046262     Reserve Readiness
Intel Coord Center 00046617     Senior Reserve Officer
D14 PLNG & Force Rdns Div (DX) 00046854     EPLO District 14
OL-CGRU JNT Staff S-Suffolk VA 00046940     DDE-Executive Officer
Commandant (CG-DCO-X)  00047225     Reserve Strategic Analyst
Sec Mobile Cmd Cadre  00048920     Senior Reserve Officer
Base New Orleans 00049542     Senior Reserve Officer
OL-PAC CORIVRON 10-Jax  00049620     DDE-N5-SR Officer
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM 00049792      DDE-Duty
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM 00049793      DDE-Duty
LANTAREA (LANT-537) 00049918     Preparedness SPEC
LANTAREA (LANT-537) 00049919     Preparedness SPEC
 Base Alameda  00050249     Senior Reserve Officer
Sec Buffalo Cmd Cadre 00050276     Senior Reserve Officer
MIFC LANT 00050330     Senior Reserve Officer
LANTAREA (LANT-35) 00050376     Incident Management Team
Base Miami Beach  00050696     Senior Reserve Officer
SEC LIS Cmd Cadre 00050727 Senior Reserve Officer
D11 Incident Mgmt Br (DRM) 00050796      D11 IMR Branch Chief
Sec San Diego Cmd Cadre 00050839 Senior Reserve Officer
MIFC PAC 00050906 Senior Reserve Officer
OL-PAC CORIVRON 8-Newport 00051340     DDE-N5-SR Officer
D14 Incident Mgmt Br (DRM)  00052031      Incident Mgmt Branch – Duty
Sec Puget Snd Cmd Cadre 00052088     Senior Reserve Officer
OL-CGRU JNT Staff S-Sufolk VA 00052270     DDE-Joint Ops & Exercise PLNR
CGRU USSOUTHCOM 00052271     DDE-Executive Officer
CGRU USSOUTHCOM 00053231     DDE – Operations (J36)
CGRU USSOUTHCOM 00070918     DDE-J3 Ops Duty
D8 PLNG & Force RDNS Div (DX) 00070932     EPLO District 8
D11 Incident Mgmt Br (DRM)  00070933     EPLO District 11
D13 PLNG & Force RDNS Div (DX)  00070935     EPLO District 13
OL-NMCC Pentagon-Wash DC 00070953     DDE-J3 NMCC Watchstander
OL-NMCC Pentagon-Wash DC 00070954     DDE-J3 NMCC Watchstander
CGCC-3 Operations Department 19378499     Senior Reserve Officer
SILC-ESD 00047119     Reserve-Civil ENG Duty
Sec N New Eng CP/RDNS STF 00052963     Planning Mgmt
CGRU USNORTHCOM 00053006      DDE-EXEC OFF-Interagency (J9)


















Points of contact for assignments are as follows: