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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Nov. 23, 2020

New: OER-mid period counseling to include diversity & inclusion topics

By Christie St. Claire, MyCG Staff

Coast Guard officers’ mid-term counseling will start including discussion of intentional leadership topics such as diversity and inclusion. Suggested topics include influencing change, leading inclusively and promoting inclusive behaviors. The policy update was released Nov. 4, 2020 via Guidance for Targeted Mid-term Counseling for Officers, ALCOAST 399/20 and Targeted Mid-term Counseling for Officers ACN 129/20.

The Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Guide can be used as a tool to help broach discussion and conversations about how leaders can apply diversity and inclusion into their everyday activities and improve a leader’s technique in facilitating these discussions. Inclusive leaders offer all members a sense of purpose, by connecting the Coast Guard core values to those they lead, and leveraging the collective wisdom of the group thus creating an environment and an opportunity to achieve optimal results. Some of the questions supervisors are encouraged to ask include the following: 

  • Do you utilize the command’s philosophy to practice and integrate D&I principles into routine activities for your members? 
  • How do you create or support forums that are conducive for D&I conversations? 
  • How are you supporting D&I initiatives? 

These questions are meant to keep diversity and inclusion at the center of performance conversations. 

The Director of Coast Guard Diversity and Inclusion, Michelle Godfrey, believes the officer evaluation report (OER) provides a great opportunity to discuss the many diversity and inclusion efforts captured in the Coast Guard Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, and accompanying toolkits. 

“The change will help us implement the Commandant’s vision of a fully inclusive Coast Guard, where all people are respected, empowered, and valued, and where every single person can pursue and achieve personal growth and professional success,” Godfrey said. 

The policy change applies to all mid-term counseling moving forward. Mid-term counseling already completed within the current promotion year does not need to be redone.

All reported on officers (ROOs) receive mid-term counseling. The counseling session will provide an opportunity to discuss the ROO’s performance to date in the OER period, objectives to be achieved for the remainder and the ROO’s broader career goals and best ways to achieve those goals. 

In addition, mid-term counseling reiterates the appropriate section of the annual version of COMDT’s Guidance to Officer Boards and Panels in these discussions, particularly for officers who will be considered by a board or panel in the current or next promotion year.


  • Guidance for Targeted Mid-Term Counseling for Officers ALCOAST 399/2
  • Targeted Mid-Term Counseling for Officers ACN 129/20
  • COMDT’s Guidance to Officer Boards and Panels
  • COMDT’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan
  • Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Guide
  • D&I courses on SkillPort
  • Tools to improve your command climate


  • For additional information regarding OER requirements, contact CG PSC-OPM-3 
  • (ADPL officers) or CG PSC-RPM-1 (IDPL officers) or visit for links to OPM-3 and RPM-1.
  • For diversity and inclusion questions, contact