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Deckplate Leader of the Week: Chief Petty Officer Scott Didaleusky

By taken from MCPOCG's Facebook Page


Our Deckplate Leader of the Week is Chief Petty Officer Scott Didaleusky, the Ready for Operations (RFO) team lead at U.S. Coast Guard Sector Charleston!

Didaleusky works tireless to foster partnerships within the Coast Guard network, which greatly assists Sector Charleston.

He has expended significant effort creating an environment that fused several divisions into one team with a common goal ensuring each unit stays fully operational.

He has established close partnerships with surrounding Coast Guard entities, spouse networks and local auxiliaries. These actions assisted Sector Charleston in completing assigned missions.

Didaleusky is an exceptional relationship builder, has unified the Coast Guard Chief’s Mess with sister services and is an avid mentor that serves in a myriad of functions as chief counsel participant, officer-in-charge college presenter, chief’s call to indoctrination (CCTI) chairperson and potential chief petty officers (PCPO) mentor.

Didaleusky consistently attends Chief’s Mess functions including community service events, dinners, and mentoring opportunities. He is the primary organizer of CCTI and has sponsored several chiefs through the process. He shows great leadership as vice president of Low Country Chief Petty Officer Association, which was paramount during the 35-day lapse of appropriations.

He immediately established a system to receive and distribute more than $50,000 to families in need. 

As Resources & Situation Unit Leader, he expertly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic within the Incident Management Team (IMT). Didaleusky closely monitored, obtained and dispersed personal protective equipment to over 544 personnel, ensuring the safety of Sector Charleston’s workforce.

Didaleusky goes above and beyond to mentor, develop, and assist junior personnel. 

What makes a Good Chief? 

"Those individuals who go above and beyond what is expected of them while treating everyone with kindness, fairness, and empathy. Helps anyone in need, asks for help when troubled, and utilizes the Mess for guidance. Leads others down the path of what is right, and takes part in their failures and successes. Is humble. Is optimistic and positively motivates when challenging tasks are handed out, and promotes change. Maintains a healthy work/life balance."

~ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ~
~ Do unto others as they would have you do unto them. ~

What advice do you have for your junior members? 

"Seek out a mentor. Your chiefs shall guide and lead you to success. If you come to work with a positive attitude and set a good example to follow, you can instantly create a positive work environment where you and your shipmates can flourish. You will trip up from time to time, but a chief will be there to lend a supportive hand so you don’t fall to hard. Set aside time for yourself and your family. Maintain your home life and your work will follow suit. This job is very demanding; however, the work will always be there and you will always have help completing a task. If you don’t take care of yourself and your family, you may miss out on important moments. Teamwork is key in this business. Ask your chiefs, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. Make your voice be heard when you are unsure or have new ideas. Always be true to yourself."

Chief Didaleusky is truly the epitome of “lead by example.” Bravo Zulu!

Our Deckplate Leader of the Week is Chief Petty Officer Scott Didaleusky, the Ready for Operations (RFO) team lead at U.S. Coast Guard Sector Charleston!