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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Dec. 9, 2020

SELRES members: Opportunities to support Port Security Unit 313

The Personnel Service Center is looking for reserve volunteers to fill a few involuntary positions before they begin selecting and directing members. 

All orders will come across as Title 10, 12302 involuntary orders in support of Port Security Unit 313.

Based in Tacoma, Wash., Port Security Unit 313 maintains port security during both wartime and peacetime. PSU 313 is deployable to anywhere in the world, and is self-sustainable for 30 days. PSU 313 can respond to any occupied foreign port and conduct service operations. The unit can also maintain security for homeland ports when necessary.

Reserve Opportunities with Port Security Unit 313

10007554-10002 thru 10006    
E4 - E6 Tactical Coxswain  

E4 - E6 Damage Controlman

E6 Electrician's Mate

E6 Electronics Technician

E4 - E6 Preferably Gunner's Mate w/FAI

As a reminder, Title 10 12302 Involuntary Orders, whether Short Term or Long Term, are treated as TDY from the member's Primary Duty Station (PDS). Once involuntary orders are completed, member returns to PDS. 

You can apply or search for other opportunities via Direct Access. On the main page, select “11 more” under Tasks in the “Employee” box. Then select “Mobilization Resume.” 

Commands: If you have an interested reserve member, please have them apply via Direct Access.