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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Dec. 14, 2020

Coast Guard resumes uniform distribution

By Chief Warrant Officer Allyson Conroy, MyCG Staff


For the past several months, members have experienced difficulty purchasing needed and required uniform items. Due to shortages resulting from the pandemic, the Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) had to concentrate its efforts on properly outfitting all recruits, cadets, and officer candidates, at times providing only partial sea bags, as well as placing some uniform items on recruit issue only status. 

That is starting to change since the UDC and most of its commercial suppliers are now at full strength and, as of Oct. 1, 2020, has been able to issue recruits full seabags. While the UDC must continue to concentrate on outfitting new accessions, it has been able to resume nearly full uniform distributions to the rest of the Coast Guard. 

Most operational dress uniform (ODU) sizes are now available for members in the fleet to purchase. Small regular is still limited and in recruit-only-issue status. However, the manufacturing supply chains continue to be impacted and are at limited capacity. While the UDC will attempt to provide uniforms to all of our members and other fleet partners, some items by size or type may occasionally be limited to accessions only. Items available for fleet sales can be purchased through or Coast Guard Exchange outlets. It is requested that you limit purchases to only necessary uniform items as normal production rates and inventory remain tenuous.

Coast Guard Utility (CG-U)

The new Coast Guard Utility (CG-U) uniform continues to be on course for availability to the fleet in fiscal year 2022. The Coast Guard Design Technical Office (CDTO) is working with Navy research labs to ensure CG-U specification alignment and suitability for both services’ new uniforms. 

Members in key leadership positions as well as several operational units concluded a 120-day evaluation of the new CG-U. The tests concentrated on how materials feel and perform while conducting Coast Guard missions in various work environments. Those who were a part of the trial provided favorable feedback. The new uniform overall weighs less than current ODUs, and has improved breathability and durability in our often-harsh work environments. The CDTO is analyzing the test data and feedback to determine acceptance of the new material. Upon acceptance, the CG-U Light (CG-U-L) will be produced as an optional uniform for the entire fleet. The CG-U-L will not be issued at accession points. 

Discussions continue to determine final specifications, colors, and sizes. Two shoulder patch specifications under consideration include the Coast Guard blue and white and a more subdued variant of blue and graphite. CG-U updates will be disseminated as more information becomes available.

Expect more uniform updates in future MyCG articles.  

For questions, please contact the CG-44 Logistics Program Manager, Mr. Lee Plowden, at (202) 475-5696 or the  Uniform Program Office, Mr. Hayes Davis at (202) 795-6656.

Military Uniform Program Update ALCOAST 450/20