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New Officer Subspecialty: Operations Research & Data Analytics Professional

By LCDR Andrew Lund, CG-126


Do you want to help the Coast Guard make smart, data-driven decisions? Are you an officer with operations research or data analytics experience? Does your office or unit have a billet that could use a healthy dose of modern data science techniques and expertise?
We are excited to announce the creation of a brand new officer subspecialty: CG-SEI23 Operations Research & Data Analytics Professional (ORDA). This freshly-minted ORDA subspecialty targets officers at all paygrades with backgrounds in, or those who currently employ, operations research, data analytics, data science, applied mathematics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 
For officers interested in applying, please review the CG-SEI23 Officer Subspecialty Requirements form found on OPM-3's OSMS Portal, and do not hesitate to reach out to the CG-SEI23 Specialty Manager, Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Lund (COMDT CG-126).
The Coast Guard has already identified and recoded nearly 50 billets, from O3 to O6, that require this expertise, and we are in search of more billets that warrant this state-of-the-art analytics expertise. Please consider updating your officer billets and submitting a CG-5311.