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Commentary | Jan. 8, 2021

Enlisted members: Are you the next Silver Ancient Trident?

The marine safety community is preparing to pass the silver trident to its next keeper. 

The Silver Ancient Trident Award honors members with the longest time in the Marine Safety Program. The award recognizes an enlisted member whose personal character and performance standards honor the most respected practitioners of Marine Safety and reflect our core values.

As the current incumbent Silver Ancient Trident Master Chief Petty Officer Shane Hooker transitions to retirement, the process to identify his successor is underway. 

If you’ve served as an active duty enlisted member since 1996 or earlier, please consider stepping up to represent the marine safety community.

Your application should provide copies of the Employee Summary Sheet and other relevant documentation demonstrating your eligibility for selection. The application deadline is Feb. 12, 2021.

Eligibility requirements

  • Has served continuously on active duty since at least 1996. Members with broken active component service, but who maintained continuous selected reserve status are considered to have continuous active duty for the purposes of eligibility; however, active duty Coast Guard service must represent at least 80 percent of cumulative military service. Candidates with periods of nonmilitary status for more than four years during their entire military service period are ineligible.
  • Has earned the Permanent Marine Safety Insignia
  • Has maintained good conduct and has not received a mark of “3” or less in the professional dimension of integrity, loyalty and respecting others on their enlisted evaluations 
  • Has 10 or more years of accumulated service time in the Marine Safety Field while on active duty in the Coast Guard.  Qualifying Marine Safety service is listed on the CG Portal. Marine Safety Office (MSO) experience qualifies.
  • Has a distinguished record of knowledge, performance, and leadership in the Marine Safety Field.
  • Is eligible to hold the distinction for at least one calendar year for the year from the February award date.