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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 14, 2021

Civilians supporting COVID-19 operations eligible for Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal

By MyCG Staff

Civilians supporting COVID-19 operations eligible for Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal

Civilian Coast Guard employees who supported COVID-19 operations may be eligible for the Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal (AFCSM).  

The Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal (AFCSM) was established to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of the DoD civilian workforce in directly supporting the military forces, whose members are engaged in military operations of a prolonged peacekeeping or humanitarian nature. 

The AFCSM symbolizes the importance the DoD attaches to civilian service and recognizes the value of civilian service in helping to accomplish our Nation’s objectives. This award honors those employees who support designated operations under the same or similar conditions as our military members, thereby strengthening the unique partnership between our uniformed members and the civilian workforce. 

The award consists of a bronze medal and lapel button.

Any 0-6 level may issue the AFCSM, using the Joint Chiefs of Staff approval memo for documentation.  

There is no Direct Access entry or record-keeping requirement for this civilian award. 

Commands may use this generic certificate template to present the medal to the civilian employee.

The medal set may be ordered through MILSTRIP from DLA using the following information.
NSN: 8455-01-452-5330

  1. Source of Supply: SMS
  2. Unit of Issue: SE (set)
  3. Cost $3.43*


  • See ALCGPSC 102/20 for eligibility requirements. 
  • See ANCHR 21-11-S for additional details.