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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 15, 2021

Solicitation: Spirit of Hope Award

The Office of Governmental and Public Affairs is soliciting nominations for the 2021 Spirit of Hope Award. Applications are due by April 16.

The Spirit of Hope Award is presented for outstanding service to the United States of America. It is awarded to women and men of the United States Armed Forces, entertainers, and other distinguished Americans and organizations whose patriotism and service reflect that of Mr. Bob Hope. For his decades of entertaining troops, both in peacetime and in combat zones, Mr. Hope was designated the first honorary veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

The Spirit of Hope Award is awarded to any active duty, reserve, auxiliary, former military service member or civilian who embodies the values of freedom, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the military. For military personnel and civilian employees, the awards are part of the bona fide, regularly established program of recognition.

The award is presented annually to recipients (either an individual or an organization) from each of the following: the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Space Force, and the Coast Guard. 

The recipients must satisfy the following criteria:

  • epitomize the values of Bob Hope (courage, honor, duty, commitment, integrity and selfless dedication)
  • significantly enhance the quality of life of service members and their families serving around the world, and
  • selflessly contribute an extraordinary amount of time, talent or resources to benefit members of the United States Armed Forces.

A selection panel will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Commandant for approval. 

The Spirit of Hope Award will be presented in the Pentagon Hall of Heroes in September 2021. COMDT (CG-0923) will fund travel and per diem costs for the selected recipient to attend the awards ceremony and provide official transportation between lodging facilities and the place of the ceremony.

Nomination guidelines

Nominations must be submitted no later than April 16, and include the following, as appropriate:

  • Name of nominee, nominee’s address, present position and/or status, and name of nominee’s employer during the period of service, if applicable.
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the point of contact for the nominating organization.
  • Summary of the act or service rendered, and how it epitomized the values of Mr. Hope not to exceed two double-spaced pages.
  • Supporting documentation (optional).
  • A proposed citation that provides specific examples of the act or service performed (not to exceed 90 words).
  • For foreign nominees, a statement of concurrence by the U.S. Chief of Mission and the U.S. Defense AttachĂ© (if one is assigned) to the country of the foreign nominee and, a statement of concurrence from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Scanned copies of signed nomination packages must be sent by e-mail to 

Sample nomination packages are available upon request.

2020 Coast Guard Honoree

The Coast Guard’s recipient for 2020 was the Long Island Sound Chief Petty Officer’s Association, New Haven Chapter. This CPOA Chapter was nominated by CAPT K. B. Reed, Commander, Sector Long Island Sound for providing Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security employees support during times of crisis and need.

During the course of the year, this group of 30 Chiefs coordinated a food pantry that fed hundreds of people and orchestrated multiple morale events for Coast Guard members and their families. In all they raised and dispersed almost $80,000 worth of aid in the community and performed heartfelt acts of personal service to those in need.

The Sector Long Island Sound Chief Petty Officer Association, New Haven Chapter embodies the spirit of Bob Hope in caring and supporting for every one of our Service members in, around and even outside the Long Island Sound area. 


  • Questions should be directed to Ms. Gwenda Bradford, COMDT (CG-0923), at or 202-372-4625.