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Commentary | Jan. 19, 2021

Caught you leading!

As part of the Leadership Development Program, "Caught You Leading! Keep It Up" Leader-Grams have been sent to over 3,000 employees within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Join those who already took the opportunity to catch someone leading by nominating them for a Leader-Gram today.
Simply fill out the online form and a personalized Leader-Gram will go directly to their inbox - it’s that easy.

Help reinforce successful leadership
Catching people in the act of leading, succeeding and making a difference, is consistent with an “attitude of gratitude."  Studies show that not only does feeling grateful make a difference to the other person – but that it can make a difference to you as well! 

And it's a win-win.  When people know that what they do, matters…they not only get the intrinsic reward of knowing that they matter and make a difference, but also encourages them to do it again.  Reinforcing successful leadership creates more leadership moments and encourages leaders at all levels to take the initiative, make the extra effort, and simply shine! 

Leader-Grams are available to anyone at DHS and can be sent to federal or contractor employees with a DHS email.  There is no approval process - because gratitude should require only sincerity, not paperwork. 

Leader-Gram tips

  • Send as many as you want, there is no cap! 
  • Place a weekly reminder on your calendar and reflect on those who made your week better – make a commitment to send out at least 2 Leader Grams each week! 
  • Add this page to your favorites so you can always find it quickly for those spur of the moment appreciations
  • Make sure you double check the correct email address for your recipient.  Check your confirmation receipt email to ensure you typed the correct email address - if not, feel free to submit again! 
  • Not at your computer but really want to send? No worries, you can access the form from your DHS mobile device and submit while on the go!