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Commentary | Jan. 25, 2021

Career Intentions Worksheet now includes opportunity to explore Reserve options

If you are thinking about leaving the Coast Guard, you’ll have a new step in the separation process: an opportunity to review your reserve service options.  

The Career Intentions Worksheet – also known as CG-Form 2045 – now allows members to electronically route the document through their command in lieu of routing a hard copy. The new, digital process automatically routes a copy of the Career Intentions Worksheet to the In-service Transfer Team (ISTT).

The automatic notification of the transfer team builds in time to to discuss the ways that moving to the Coast Guard Reserve might benefit the member as well as the service.

Chief Petty Officer Adrien Cheval, a reserve boatswain’s mate at Coast Guard Station Washington, patrols the water of the Potomac River in Washington ahead of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, Jan. 19, 2021. This increased administrative visibility will provide for greater communication between the ISTT and separating members, and ensures the member understands the benefits the Coast Guard Reserve might offer them.   

Supervisors should encourage members to use the digital submit button when sending their Career Intentions Worksheet to their serving admin for review and processing.  

"We are empowering those who are separating to make that initial outreach and connecting them with the right people to discuss benefits, the transfer process, and get the assignment ball rolling," said Capt. Alexander Foos, the chief of Reserve Policy and Requirements Integration.

There can be a lot of information for any member to unpack, especially during a time of transition. The discussion with the transfer team usually includes reserve opportunities or or civilian career development. 

"This new process aims to expand the conversation with otherwise departing members and to best support and inform them. We are working on multiple initiatives to restore the Reserve workforce,” Foos said about the new initiative. “Taking advantage of every opportunity to retain the talented and valuable members of the Coast Guard family who would otherwise leave Service. I encourage them to talk with the ISTT, to consider continuing their journey, and write their own reserve story."

The new form is available now for members to download.

Note: Use the Submit button to forward the form to your supervisor for approval. When you click the Submit button a new email message will open with the form attached. Replace the "" address in the “to” line with your supervisor's email address. 

Supervisors, division/branch chiefs, and department heads must also replace the "" with the appropriate email address. Command approvers will replace "" with the email address for the Servicing Personnel Office for the unit.