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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 25, 2021

CG SUPRT launches personalized app

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Staff Writer

Amidst today’s societal strains, accessibility to support services is more critical than ever. This is a major reason why CG SUPRT recently unveiled its new and improved app, ESPYR Connect. As an extension of the Coast Guard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the app is available to active duty members, reservists, full-time civilians, and their dependents.CG Suprt's new app is called ESPYRE Connect

CG SUPRT delivers EAP benefits, which include non-medical counseling services, health coaching, education support, training and tools for work life resiliency, resource referrals for child care and elder care, and financial wellness tools and more. Services are available year-round, for 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.  

Internally, the EAP is supported by 12 employee assistance program coordinators (EAPCs), located at Work-Life regional offices, who work in partnership with CGSUPRT for robust service delivery.

“ESPYR Connect provides on-demand access to all of your employee program benefits rolled-up and put into one place,” said contracting officer representative for CG SUPRT and Chief Warrant Officer, Mary Davenport. “The new app requires individual registration and offers customizable tools via one’s personalized account.” 

Christiana Montminy, the employee assistance program manager, added, “In comparison to the old app, the new ESPYR app is dynamic, allowing you to personalize your account for notices and information on topics you may find relevant. There is also a chat support feature, previously only available online.”

Some of the app’s highlighted capabilities include:
⦁    Personalized account;
⦁    Notification sign-up;
⦁    Chat capability to connect with a licensed counselor;
⦁    Direct access to webinars and online educational materials;
⦁    Primary topic information organized into customizable feeds.

“More and more, we rely on technology to connect us. ESPYR Connect facilitates our access to the resources and the support services we need,” said Montminy.

She and Davenport host weekly meetings with CG SUPRT and are looking for feedback from users. “We want to hear what is working and what isn’t,” said Montminy.

“Everyone is encouraged to download the new app, so that services are available at your fingertips, and are readily accessible when needed.” 

As you use the app, let your EAPC know of any feedback for improvement. Visit the Employee Assistance Program webpage and click on “Employee Assistance Program Coordinator” for an updated contact list of the EAPCs.

The ESPYR Connect App can be downloaded on Google Play or at the Apple Store.