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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Feb. 17, 2021

Coast Guard spouses: Awards and scholarships available to support your education

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Writer

The Coast Guard Foundation Spouse Grant and Scholarship Program is awarding eligible Coast Guard spouses with monetary awards for education-related expenses. The application open season runs January 18 through February 26, 2021. 

Spouses may apply for a $500 award for tuition and costs related to training, licensing, or educational pursuits. They may also apply for a $2,000 scholarship specific to pursuing a degree in oral health, medical, nursing, or the wellness field. Ten recipients will be selected for this latter grant, which is provided by the Coast Guard Foundation, through Delta Dental.
“Our goal is to help Coast Guard spouses pay for their higher education classes and professional development certifications. The grants are awarded to cover the real costs of education, and can be used for fees, books, and other costs associated with going to college or getting a professional license.” said Sage Williams, the program manager for the Coast Guard Foundation Grant and Scholarship Program. “These awards make it easier for spouses to make their dreams a reality and that is what we aspire to do.”

The foundation’s program has been providing similar awards to Coast Guard spouses since 2010, impacting hundreds of families. 

Application criteria can be found on the foundation’s website, however, here are a few details to keep in mind when deciding to apply:

  • Spouses need to be non-military spouses of enlisted Coast Guard members in ranks E3 - E6 and require proof of dependency;
  • Education and training programs must be accredited and require proof of enrollment;
  • Priority will be given to spouses pursing there first degrees, licenses and certifications;
  • Lastly, grants are awarded as they received, providing the recipient’s eligibility. 

Spouses can apply for both grants through the foundation’s scholarship portal. If you have any questions about the Coast Guard Foundation’s Spouse Grant and Scholarship Program, please call 860-535-0786 or email Sage Williams at: to help you through the process.