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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Feb. 19, 2021

March reserve advancement announcement

By MyCG Staff

The following members are eligible for advancement or change in rating to fill Selected Reserve vacancies March. 1, 2021, provided the requirements of article 3.A of the Enlistments, Accessions, Evaluations and Advancements Manual, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series) and article 7.C of Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series) are met.

Commanding officers will immediately notify those members eligible for advancement and take the appropriate administrative action. Commanding officers may withhold or cancel advancements of ineligible personnel in accordance with the Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series) and article 3.A.1 of the Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series). When an advancement is withheld or cancelled, the CO will immediately notify Pay & Personnel Center (ADV) by email via AOIX at CMD-SMB-CG-PPC and info CMD-SMB-CG-PSC. Please note C2OIX does not transfer to AOIX.
BMCM Scott Lussier

BMCS Daniel Stoner 

BMC James Boguslawski 
BMC Joaquin Mercado

BM1 David Hughes
BM1 Carly Moore

BM2 Drake Moorman
BM2 Owen Rivera-Betancourt
BM2 Nickolas Wilkinson
BM2 Joseph Puopolo
BM2 Joshua Fawley
BM2 August Latapie
BM2 Jonathan Harkey

CS1  Rebecca Agzigian

DCCS Cory Yates

DCC Michael Leyman
DCC Peter Hidalgo
DCC  Brian Parks

DC1 Daniel Miller
DC1 Karl Siegmund
DC1 Charles Corcoran

EM2 Kurtis Waterman

ET1 Raymond Evans

HSC Lucas Cavalier

HS2 Cole Olvera
HS2 Marten Zagunis

IS1 Thea Ritter

ME1 Christopher Segali
ME1 Derek Kramer
ME1  Stanley Andriski

ME2 Jason Valle
ME2 David Kelly
ME2 Robert Sudler
ME2 Nikolas Millioto
ME2 John Revels

MK1 Brandon Korte
MK1 Andrew Frazier
MK1 Thomas Godfrey

MK2 Eric Jarrell
MK2 Dylan Beirold
MK2 Adam Marchand
MK2 Janneh Felix
MK2 Enmanuel Taveras
MK2 Brian Murphy

MST1 Andrew Olsen

MST2 Justin Murray

PA1 Valerie Higdon

SKCS Bert Cueva

SKC Noelle Irish
SKC William Bosch

SK1 Jesse Carpenter
SK1 Corey King

SK2 Christopher Rowlinson

SK2 Blake Thurman

YNCM Jon Franquez

YN1 Terry Gaston
YN1 Wendy Scott

YN2 Autumn Gonzales
YN2 Edward Rougerio
YN2 Christopher Peterson

The rank order number for each individual identified for advancement in the ERAA is no longer indicated. The original rank order number may be found at the Pay and Personnel Center website, but is subject to change.

Commanding officers will ensure personnel advancing to pay gradesE-7 thru E-9 obligate required service prior to advancement per Article 3.A.21.c of the Enlistments, Accessions, Evaluations and Advancements Manual, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series). 

A member must maintain the CO’s recommendation for advancement (Ready) for the period from recommendation to advancement. In addition, E-7, E-8, and E-9 candidates must not have an unsatisfactory conduct mark on an enlisted evaluation for 24 months prior to the terminal eligibility date. Personnel failing to maintain the CO's recommendation (Ready) for this period will be invalidated from the Servicewide Exam in which they participated. Personnel who have been invalidated must be recommended and qualify again through a new SWE competition.

Upon approved advancement, members are authorized to change their rank as it appears in the Global Address List (GAL) from the Self Service portal. This can be done as a standard user without requiring admin-privileges, does not require a call to CGFIXIT, and does not require a CGFIXIT Ticket. See this self-help tech-tip for more information.

Congratulations to all those advancing!