Commentary | Feb. 19, 2021

Enlisted bonus for Electronics Technician "A" School

The Coast Guard is offering new incentives to attend Electronics Technician (ET) class “A” school in fiscal year 2021.

There are two different $20,000 bonuses being offered:

  • $20,000 Enlisted Bonus: For new members who enlist in the Coast Guard and are then guaranteed to attend ET “A” school directly after basic training. After graduating “A” school, the members will receive the bonus.
  • $20,000 Critical Skills Training Bonus: For current nonrated members to attend ET “A” school and, after graduating, receive the bonus. This bonus also retroactively applies to any members who attended ET “A” school in fiscal year 2021.

ET “A” school is located at Training Center Petaluma and lasts 20 weeks.