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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Feb. 24, 2021

Deckplate Leader of the Week: Chief Petty Officer Scott Langdon

By From Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard’s Facebook page

Our deckplate leader of the week is Chief Petty Officer Scott Langdon, an electrician’s mate stationed at Sector Field Office Moriches U.S. Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound!

Langdon’s team assists with engineering support for eight different operational units on Long Island including everything from preventative maintenance to emergency and storm damage repairs. Chief Langdon also recently sprung to action as first on scene after a terrible car accident and pulled a victim to safety away from a car engulfed in flames. 

Langdon possesses the true humanitarian spirit of a coastie and a chief! Thanks for setting the bar high!

When asked two questions, he gave the following responses:

In your opinion, what makes a good chief?

“The qualities that I looked for in a good chief were professionalism and a friendly personality. The chief that would hold me to the standard and also give me the opportunities that would test my personal and professional limits. When something was not known or I would hit a wall, the chief would not degrade me (of course some good s*** talking was authorized) but would use that opportunity as a teachable moment. Treating your subordinates with mutual respect and creating a positive work environment is essential! I have worked for some brutal chiefs and it was not inspiring at all, those qualities created hostility and a poor command climate.”

“It's a marathon and not a sprint, change happens gradually and when things are not aligning try to make small course corrections, instead of dropping the hammer.”

What advice do you have for junior members?

“First piece of advice is remember why you joined the Coast Guard. It took self-motivation to join and self-discipline to make it through boot camp. Remember why you joined the Coast Guard and carry that motivation with you throughout your career. Second, learn how to listen, pay attention, and ask questions. Third, do not be a mindless follower, take chances and go for it!”