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Commentary | March 15, 2021

Civilian detail - deadline NOON today

The Department of Homeland Security established Operation Vaccinate Our Workforce (VOW) to work across the Department to facilitate the voluntary vaccination of frontline employees.  This team has since increased the number of vaccinations, vaccination sites across the country and information available for Components and leadership regarding DHS’ vaccination efforts.  While DHS has made a lot of progress, there is much left to be done.

FEMA’s National Incident Management Assistance Team (N-IMA) was critical in standing up Operation VOW and has been instrumental in guiding its efforts to date.  Urgent mission demands have necessitated the reassignment of the N-IMAT and, as a result, new personnel from across the Department are needed to ensure this critically important vaccination initiative continues without disruption. 

To continue this important initiative, DHS is in need of high performing GS-12 to GS-15 employees to complete a 90 day detail to Operation VOW.  The individuals selected will need to work well as part of a team in a fast paced environment, desired skill sets include:

  • Project management,
  • Communications/public affairs/stakeholder engagement,
  • Data analysis and visualization,
  • Logistics, administration and finance,
  • Executive secretariat/task management/issue resolution, and
  • Mission planning

By noon, on Monday, March 15, 2021, please send your nominee(s) name and resume to Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Kaushik at  Operation VOW leadership will reach out to selected nominees later in the week to discuss the position and duties and immediate assignment