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Deckplate Leader of the Week: Chief Petty Officer Blake Rausch

By From Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard’s Facebook page


Our deckplate leader of the week is Senior Chief Petty Officer Blake Rausch from U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile!

Rausch is the Aviation Maintenance Supply Shop chief and demonstrates the Coast Guard core values throughout his daily life. Often being the first one to step up to a task, he is devoted to supporting the Coast Guard family and mission.

He is an active leader in the local chief’s mess, he has volunteered to help facilitate Chief’s Call to Indoctrination events, and is committed to participating in funerals for retired members.

Rausch goes above and beyond to mentor, develop, and assist junior personnel. He has cultivated an environment of openness that has led to his shop constantly learning from one another as they work through challenges. Senior Chief Rausch has worked with junior members to highlight their strong points to produce a higher performing Coastie.

In your opinion, what makes a good Chief?

“A strong chief is a leader [who] is actively engaged with the crew. Ensuring that they are empathetic to the issues our members are facing and providing support and guidance when it is needed. Also, providing our members with the tools they need to succeed in their careers and life is one of the most important jobs of a chief.”

What advice do you have for junior members?

“Try to learn something new every day and don't be afraid to admit when you are wrong.”

Thank you for your leadership!

Do you have a chief who you would like to recognize? Please contact Chief Petty Officer Crystalynn Kneen.