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My Coast Guard
Commentary | March 23, 2021

Best Places to Work: Sector Virginia

What we do:
Sector Virginia, located in Portsmouth, Virginia safeguards one of the largest and most economically significant ports in the Mid-Atlantic, the Port of Virginia. We are involved in all facets of Marine Safety, Security, Environmental Protection, Law Enforcement, Aids to Navigation, and Search and Rescue missions in a port which provides over 530,000 jobs and produces over $242 million in daily commerce. The Port of Virginia is also home to the largest fleet concentration of US Naval forces in the world. 

Why it’s fulfilling:
Being part of such a cooperative group of federal and local partners to ensure the public is safe, and seeing the impact the Coast Guard has on a day to day basis in the area is extremely rewarding. Our efforts have immediate positive impacts on our communities and makes all of the time and energy executing our missions well worth it. 

Why it’s great to live here: 
It’s great to live near Sector Virginia because the Hampton Roads area truly has something for everyone. The area is home to one of the oldest seaports in the United States and Hampton Roads is steeped in rich history offering many places that pay homage to the past. We’re close to both Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay beaches and driving distance to the Outer Banks, the Appalachian Mountains, and numerous National Parks. 

What we do for fun:
There is something here for everyone, from kayaking in the summer to walking around living history museums and amusement parks in the fall and winter. In nice weather, we participate in outdoor sports, surf, play golf, and enjoy all the area has to offer. There’s also a lively concert and nightlife scene in many cities in the area with craft breweries, gastropubs, and city-wide events.

Best-kept secret:
The best kept secret about Sector Virginia is the incredible people that we have the chance to work with each and every day. They truly make this place special, unique, and greatly impact the safety and security of this area!