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Commentary | March 31, 2021

MSRO Excellence awardees recognized

By Janki Patel

Ensign Kirk M. Eastman from Sector Puget Sound, Enforcement Division holding the framed Maritime Security and Response Operations Excellence Award in February 2021. Sector Puget Sound and Lt.j.g. Cody W. Seevers each received the 2019 Captain Carden and Boatswain’s Mate First Class Cullen Maritime Security and Response Operations Excellence Award. 

The  MSRO Excellence Awards recognize a Coast Guard unit and an individual that have consistently demonstrated outstanding contributions and achievements in the ports, waterways, and coastal security (PWCS) mission, specifically in the performance of maritime security and response activities.

“I am proud of all the nominees for their Service to nation, duty to people, and commitment to excellence,” said Rear Admiral Scott W. Clendenin, who serves as the U.S. Coast Guard assistant commandant for Response Policy. “All members have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to excellence in leadership, initiative, and risk reduction to successfully safeguard our fellow citizens and the Marine Transportation System.”

Unit Award: Sector Puget Sound

Sector Puget Sound demonstrated exceptional professionalism and remarkable MSRO performance, championing critical security initiatives. They executed over 90% of coordinated anti-terrorism activities contained in their Port Tactical Activity Plans, expertly utilizing their critical resources to safeguard the sensitive security assets in the ports of their Area of Responsibility (AOR). Sector Puget Sound oversaw several critical events including SEAFAIR, Fleet Week, three military outloads, and two Navy high value unit escorts. Additionally, Sector Puget Sound enthusiastically participated in the beta test and subsequent implementation of the MSRO patrol program, which is now being performed throughout the entire Coast Guard.

Individual Award: Lt.j.g. Cody W. SeeversLt. j.g. Cody W. Seevers, deputy chief of Enforcement from Coast Guard Sector Boston.

Lt.j.g. Cody W. Seevers, Deputy Chief of Enforcement displayed an unwavering commitment to the MSRO program at Coast Guard Sector Boston. 

Seevers fully showcased a dedication to maritime security. He responsibly reported intelligence that provided crucial information, which yielded outstanding results in detecting a maritime cyber security attack planned against a nationally significant event taking place in the Sector Boston AOR. Furthermore, Seevers established and lead the use of an asset movement tracking system, saving his crew hundreds of hours that could be redirected to conducting security operations.

 Lt.j.g. Seevers found time to talk with MyCG, so we could share in his achievement and inspiration.

What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful and inspired you to pursue a career in MSRO?

I served 10 years as an enlisted member within the operations specialist rating and was very search and rescue heavy. During officer candidate school I embraced the idea of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Meaning, if you want to be successful within this organization you have to be well-rounded and have several tools inside your toolbox. The job opened up at Sector Boston within the Enforcement Division and I thought “how cool it would be to serve at the birthplace of the Coast Guard?” And to really have the opportunity to dive in and learn a new facet of the Coast Guard that is such an important mission that these men and women do daily, with little recognition.  

What is the best advice you can give to someone interested in maritime security and response?

Talk to a chief maritime enforcement specialist. The work is real and a MEC can share an abundance of stories, knowledge, and wisdom. From deploying on Naval war ships, intercepting go-fast vessels, or preventing international terrorism from happening sounds to me like a job that you are able to see immediate quantifiable results. I am a very results-driven person, every day our service members get underway in support of Ports Waterways and Coastal Security missions and never know what they are going to come across. The work life is very high-paced-- lots and lots of training, time spent away from family-- but the feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding. 

What advice can you offer to junior enlisted or officers developing their careers?

Building long-lasting relationships with the subject matter experts has helped me out astronomically. This job here in Boston is one tour for me but to the MEs in our shop it is their whole existence. I solicit feedback and recommendations from every single person in our shop. Don’t ever be afraid to ask the most junior member for help.  

Questions regarding the awards? Email Senior Chief Petty Officer Mike Boyle, COMDT (CG-MSR-1) or call (202) 372-4002.


  • 2019 Captain Carden And Bm1 Cullen Maritime Security And Response Operations (MSRO) Excellence Awards ALCOAST 276/20