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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 15, 2021

USCG leadership: 'We're counting on YOU'

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is about awareness and prevention of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. This month our leaders are coming together to tell you that the Coast Guard needs each of you to build a culture of mutual respect at your units. We will build a better Coast Guard together. Here's how your unit can take the first step: Coast Guard SAPRR Resources

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Video Script:

Let’s talk about the core value of Respect.

It’s about taking care of one another.

And building a culture in which we all feel included and part of the team.

Part of a family – The Coast Guard family.

And Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault have no place in our family.

We’re counting on you to help make the Coast Guard a better place for ALL of our members.

We’re counting on you to be leaders.

We’re counting on you to make a difference.

We’re expecting every Commanding Officer and Officer-In-Charge to step up and lead the way at your unit.

Go to the Coast Guard’s SAPRR website and download the Commander’s Tool Kit (CAC required).

Use it.

It’s designed to help you build Culture of Mutual Respect- an environment we can all be proud of.

It’s designed to help you have crucial conversations about difficult topics.

It’s designed to help you identify and end behaviors that go against our core values.

We’re counting on you to help us make the Coast Guard a better place for all of our members. 

Because it doesn’t matter if you are on a cutter, at an air station,

at a training center, on a base,

at a boat station or a sector.

We all deserve an environment in which we feel…



And Respected.

We are all a part of this family and we will make it stronger by working together.