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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 19, 2021

Change in policy allows cancelling extensions if eligible for SRB

By MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard has updated its Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) offering policy, to execute a reenlistment anytime within the fiscal year, prior to the end of the enlistment contract.

If your rating is offered a Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB)

If your rating is offering a bonus for reenlistment and you already signed an extension, you may be able to cancel your extension to qualify for the SRB, as long as you have not commenced that extension. Rates that qualify for enlistment bonuses are included in section eight of Workforce Planning Team Results – Enlisted Interventions, ACN 101/20

Members who previously extended their enlistment period due to obligated service requirements for transfer, training, or advancement, can cancel those extensions prior to their operative date (when your extension officially begins) in order to enact an immediate reenlistment and entitlement to an SRB.

Members who were previously denied SRB eligibility or were improperly informed and did not apply for an applicable SRB, may apply for eligibility determination and entitlement. 

If you’ve already started an extension 

Members who have already begun the extension of their enlistment, but otherwise would have been eligible prior to the operative date of that extension, may apply for SRB eligibility determination. This exception is valid through the end of this fiscal year (October 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021). 

Once all necessary SRB actions have been completed, SPO requests for SRB payment must be submitted to PPC via a Customer Care Trouble Ticket. 

Include member’s applicable SRB administrative remarks, form CG-3307, and PPC's “US Coast Guard SRB Eligibility Checklist.”

Attach, as applicable, PCS orders, EPM-1 Approval Memos, and CG-1331 waivers if utilized.

Questions regarding the above policies or other human resource management matters may be emailed to the Office of Military Personnel Policy (CG-133) at: