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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 20, 2021

Enrollment is open for the Coast Guard Mentoring Program 

By Janki Patel, MyCG Writer

Objectives of the mentoring program include helping employees successfully transition into new roles by connecting with others in the workforce and supporting employees to enhance their career potential or even identify career paths. 

Mentoring Flyer“This new mentoring program provides Coast Guard members and employees an interactive way to connect with and develop personnel stationed across the globe,” said Cmdr. Julie P. Kuck, chief of the Office of Leadership. “This program will help our personnel learn and grow using four flexible mentoring approaches (tracks) to connect and retain individuals across Coast Guard.” 

People interested in becoming mentors will have access to resources, including videos, guides, and courses about how to be an effective mentor. This is a voluntary program whereby mentees are paired with mentors that are experienced in a specific skill, competency or have knowledge in a business unit at the Coast Guard. 

New Automated Process Ensures Perfect Mentor/Mentee Match  

The Mentoring cloud-based software makes it easy for you to sign up as a mentor or mentee! It is web and mobile-enabled to adapt to workforce needs.  

Types of Mentoring Connections: 

  • One-to-one Mentoring: This is a traditional mentoring relationship in which a senior leader educates and guides a junior member of the workforce. Mentees will have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain new insights on various professional development topics. This arrangement can last for one 6-month semester and potentially be renewed to continue for additional semesters. 
  • Communities Marketplace: This is a place where peer groups, called “circles,” will share knowledge on a variety of professional development topics. Each circle mentoring group/community will provide participants with an opportunity to network while building key skills that meet their unique learning needs. These circles will be led by one or more senior leaders with expertise in the topic of interest. Participants will meet periodically throughout a six-month semester, and they can sign up to continue in additional semesters on the same or different topics. 
  • Fresh Perspectives – Insight from Future Leaders: This mentoring opportunity empowers emerging leaders by asking them to share their perspectives on ways to address a specific issue raised by one or more senior leaders. These groups will meet periodically during a six-month period.  
  • Flash Mentoring: This is a short-term, situation-based mentoring opportunity, often arranged for individuals to receive expertise and guidance from Coast Guard leaders and subject-matter experts to inform mentees on major career decisions. This can be a one-time meeting or potentially several meetings depending upon the situation being addressed.  

Enroll today in one of the four types of mentoring connections to help take your career to the next level. 

Or you can contact the Coast Guard Mentoring program office or if you have questions regarding the mentoring program, please email