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Land a helicopter!


It’s noisy on our flight decks! That’s why our safety officers use hand signals to help helicopters take off and land while at sea. Learn how to safely land helicopters on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Diligence.

Key Terms

  • Flight Quarters Support - An emergency call on a cutter that stations personnel at critical positions to conduct safe flight operations. 
  • Helo operations - Helicopter Operations   
  • LE Missions - Law Enforcement Missions   
  • Gear - Equipment that a Coast Guard team or person will use   
  • LSO-  Landing Safety Officer -  
  • Evolutions - Practice  
  • Hand signals- Signals Coast Guard team members will use to help each other to get a job done   
  • Helo Tower- A place where you watch the Helicopter land and take off   
  • Proficiency – being skilled at something  

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