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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 21, 2021

Mayday Mayday!

There’s a boat taking on water! You're in southeast Alaska. And you’re part of the crew helping launch a search and rescue mission. 

Key Terms

  • UMIB - Urgent Mariner Information Broadcast- This is a radio message for all the boaters in the area that is sent out by the communications watch stander that states something has happened on the water and to be on the lookout to help those who need help.  
  • SAR OPS- Search and Rescue Operations   
  • SMC- Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator- When a case happens, this is the person who starts making the rescue plans in order for the Coast Guard to help those who need help.   
  • RTB- Return to Base. 
  • OS1- Operations Specialist 1st Class
  • PA3- Public Affairs Specialist 3rd Class
  • ME2- Maritime Enforcement 2nd Class

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