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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 3, 2021

Coast Guard Mentoring Program enrollment now open

By Kara Noto, MyCG

Over 300 members of the Coast Guard workforce have signed up to be a part of the new mentoring program. Enrollment opened earlier this month, and mentoring connections will start in May.    

Civilian employees are crucial to the Coast Guard workforce and their experience and perspectives are welcomed in any of the mentoring roles, and pathways. Alyssa Lombardi, a claims manager in National Pollution Funds Center participated in a pilot program as a mentee.   

As mentoring pathways open to the larger workforce, Lombardi was encouraged to bring her professional perspective into the role as a mentor.  

“My experience as both a mentor and mentee in the pilot program served to show me just how intuitive this program is,” Lombardi said.  “It was easy to track goals, meetings and deliverables with both my own mentor and mentees.”    

While formal mentoring is not a new resource for employees, the Coast Guard Office of Leadership has drastically improved the technology behind mentoring matches.  Lombardi experienced the new interface, “I appreciated how useful a tool the program was in guiding both relationships,” Lombardi said.  “Now that the program is live, I’ve signed up as a mentor so that I not only continue to enrich my own career, but also to pay forward the experiences I gained from it to someone else in our service who will benefit from them in the same way I did.”  

Employees and service members interested in becoming mentors gain access to mentoring resources, including videos, facilitation guides, and training about how to be an effective mentor.    

Enroll today in one of the four types of mentoring connections to help take your career to the next level.   

Questions about the mentoring program can be submitted to