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Commentary | May 6, 2021

Military families: Child care fee relief available

The National Military Family Association is offering child care fee relief for military families to help to offset the cost of before or after school care, daycare, private sitters and more.

Applications for reimbursements will be accepted through May 14.

Reimbursements can be awarded up to $1,500 for eligible families.

Eligible families are those:

  • On active duty, activated reserves, or National Guard on active Title 10 or Title 32 orders for six months or longer
  • In pay grades E1 – E6
  • With children ages 13 and under
  • With a spouse who is employed (minimum 15 hours per week) or currently pursuing a degree (minimum 6 credit hours) or professional pursuit (licensure or certification — minimum 15 hours per week)
  • Priority will be given to families with a deployed or extended TDY service member, dual military families, and/or single service members.

Relief funds can be used for:

  • Before or after school care
  • Child care at a day/child care center, nursery school, or by a private sitter
  • Day/summer/holiday camps, including registration fees
  • Late pick-up fees
  • Private caregiver of an Exceptional Family Member

Relief funds can NOT be used for:

  • Overnight camps
  • Child care to attend private events
  • Child care to attend personal events
  • Late payment fees
  • Tuition for kindergarten
  • Tuition for grade schools